The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

Minor in Biochemistry


BIO1130 Introduction to Organismal Biology 3
BIO1140 Introduction to Cell Biology 3
CHM1311 Principles of Chemistry 3
CHM1321 Organic Chemistry I 3
BCH2333 Introduction to Biochemistry 3
BIO2133 Genetics 3
CHM2120 Organic Chemistry II 3
BCH3120 General Intermediary Metabolism 3
BCH3125 Protein Structure and Function 3
BCH3170 Molecular Biology 3
9 credits from:
BCH3346 Biochemistry Laboratory II 3
BCH3356 Molecular Biology Laboratory 3
BCH4122 Structural Biology of Proteins1 3
BCH4125 Cellular Regulation and Control 3
BIO3124 General Microbiology 3
BIO3153 Cell Biology 3
BPS3101 Genomics 3
BCH4101 Human Genome Structure and Function 3
CHM2132 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences 3
MAT2379 Introduction to Biostatistics 3
3 BCH credits at the 4000 level
3 MIC credits at the 4000 level
1This course may not be available every year.