Honours Bachelor in Human Kinetics


The French immersion stream is available with this program.

Compulsory course
ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
3 credits from:
ENG1112 Technical Report Writing 3
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
3 credits from:
PSY1101 Introduction to Psychology: Foundations 3
PSY1102 Introduction to Psychology: Applications 3
3 credits from:
SOC1101 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC1105 Social Conflicts, Activism and Social Change 3
3 credits from:
PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking 3
PHI1370 Philosophical Issues in Health Care 3
PSY1101 Introduction to Psychology: Foundations 3
PSY1102 Introduction to Psychology: Applications 3
SOC1101 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC1105 Social Conflicts, Activism and Social Change 3
Compulsory courses in Human Kinetics:
APA1122 Health: A Global Perspective 3
APA1302 Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity in Canada 3
APA1313 Musculoskeletal Anatomy 3
LSR1100 Introduction to Leisure Studies 3
APA2111 Intervention Theories 3
APA2120 Motor Control and Learning 3
APA2134 Administration of Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity Services 3
APA2140 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
APA2180 Research Methods in Human Kinetics 3
APA2302 History of Sport and Physical Activity in Canada 3
APA2312 Physiology of Physical Activity 3
APA2315 Introduction to the Biomechanics of Human Movement 3
APA3118 Recreation, Sport and Community Development 3
APA3301 Ethics in Sport, Physical Activity and Health in Canada 3
APA3381 Measurement and Data Analysis in Human Kinetics 3
3 credits from:
APA4100 Research Project 3
APA4111 Internship Clinical Experience 3
24 credits at the 3000 level or above from the list
3 credits at the 4000 level from the list
30 elective credits or a minor
A maximum of 42 credits at the 1000 level is permitted

Note(s) : For more information on professional options, please consult the following web page : http://www.health.uottawa.ca/shk/pro/bhk.htm

List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
27 optional credits from:
APA2121 Nutrition and Health 3
APA3111 Intervention Observation and Experimentation 3
APA3113 Management of sporting events and festivals 3
APA3116 Principles of Coaching 3
APA3119 Coaching Training Methods 3
APA3121 Human Motor Skill Development 3
APA3122 Physical Activity and Health 3
APA3123 Hockey and Canadian Culture 3
APA3124 Diet and Physical Activity 3
APA3125 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3
APA3142 Sociology of Health in Canada 3
APA3143 Physical Activity and Community Health 3
APA3150 Neural Control of Human Movement 3
APA3311 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics 3
APA3324 Techniques and Strategies in Sport 3
APA3325 Fitness Training Principles 3
APA4101 Anthropology of Sport and Leisure 3
APA4112 Political Economy of Sport and Physical Activity 3
APA4114 Gender, Sport and Leisure 3
APA4115 Sport and Identities 3
APA4116 Applied Sport and Performance Psychology 3
APA4117 Quality of Life: Theory, Research and Application 3
APA4118 Biomechanical Basis of Injury 3
APA4123 Physical Activity Counselling 3
APA4131 Psychomotor Behaviour: Current Trends 3
APA4145 Sport and Recreation Marketing 3
APA4147 Sport, Leisure and Health Risks 3
APA4150 Principles in Psychomotor Rehabilitation 3
APA4160 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription 3
APA4313 Exercise and Disease Prevention 3
APA4320 Advanced Coaching: Global Preparation in a Sport 3
APA4323 Selected Topics in Human Kinetics 3
APA4900 Études dirigées / Directed Studies 3
LSR1105 Leisure in Canadian Society 3
LSR2110 Leisure : Concepts and Values 3
LSR2118 Recreation Program Development and Evaluation 3
LSR2121 Recreation and Environmental Quality 3
LSR2122 Tourism 3
LSR2135 Recreation and Political Processes 3
LSR2312 Principles of Leadership in Recreation 3
LSR3105 Recreation Resources Conservation 3
LSR3107 Leisure and Cultural Development 3
LSR3116 Leisure Counselling 3
LSR3380 In-School Recreation Mentoring for Youth at Risk 3