The table below includes only the discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on the Honours bachelor's with double major and the Honours bachelor's with major and minor.

Major in Second-Language Teaching - Teaching French as a second language*


Specific Admission Requirement: a French proficiency test is required.

* Three elective course credits must be taken in Français (FRA), French Studies (FRE) or in French as a second language (FLS) to be eligible to the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa at the intermediate/senior level and to teach French as a Second Language (in the English-language schools of Ontario) as the first teaching option.

French immersion is available when taken as part of an honours degree.

Program for anglophone students

DLS1500 Introduction à la didactique des langues secondes I1 3
DLS1501 Introduction à la didactique des langues secondes II1 3
LIN1710 Introduction à la linguistique : Des mots aux énoncés1 3
LIN1720 Introduction à la linguistique : Les sons du langage1 3
DLS2501 Compréhension orale et écrite1 3
DLS2502 Expression orale et écrite1 3
DLS4504 Curriculum et matériel pédagogique en didactique des langues secondes1 3
DLS4505 Enseignement des langues en milieu multiculturel et minoritaire : de la théorie à la pratique1 3
3 course credits from:
FRA2520 Grammaire pratique 3
FRA2789 Grammaire d'aujourd'hui 3
9 course credits from:
DLS3500 Observation de classe et recherche en situation d'enseignement1 3
DLS3501 Technologie éducative et didactique des langues secondes1 3
DLS3502 L'immersion française1 3
DLS3510 Didactique de la grammaire1 3
DLS3520 Phonétique appliquée à l'enseignement des langues secondes1 3
DLS4500 Thèmes choisis en didactique des langues secondes 3
DLS4900 Expérience pratique / Field Practice1 3
LIN2755 Acquisition des langues secondes 3
LIN2760 Bilinguisme 3
LIN3742 Sociolinguistique 3
3 optional course credits *2
3 optional course credits at the 3000 or 4000 level *2
1This course must be taken in French. All assignments and examinations must be presented or written in French.
2The 6 optional course credits must be in Français (FRA), French studies (FRE) or from these two French as a second language (FLS) courses : FLS3761, FLS3771

Students admitted in second language teaching will be given priority in registration for second language teaching (DLS) courses.