Honours BA in English


Co-operative education is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

3 course credits from:
PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking 3
PHI1301 Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments 3
3 course credits from:
AHL1100 Introduction to interdisciplinary study in the Arts1 3
AHL1900 Initiation aux études interdisciplinaires en Arts / Introduction to Interdisciplinary study in the Arts1 3
PHI1102 Moral Reasoning 3
PHI1103 Fundamental Philosophical Questions 3
PHI1104 Great Philosophers 3
PHI1302 Philosophy: Themes and Texts 3
ENG1124 Engaging with Literature 3
ENG2101 Introduction to Canadian Literature I: Beginnings to 1920 3
ENG2102 Introduction to Canadian Literature II: 1920 to the Present 3
ENG2103 Introduction to American Literature I: Beginnings to 1900 3
ENG2104 Introduction to American Literature II: 1900 to the Present 3
ENG2105 Introduction to British Literature I: Beginnings to 1700 3
ENG2106 Introduction to British Literature II: 1700 to the Present 3
ENG2124 Second-Year Seminar 3
9 course credits from List A (Literature before 1700):
ENG3133 Elizabethan Shakespeare 3
ENG3134 Jacobean Shakespeare 3
ENG3135 Early Modern Drama 1485-1642 3
ENG3323 Medieval Literature I 3
ENG3324 Medieval Literature II 3
ENG3339 Sixteenth-Century Literature 3
ENG3340 Seventeenth-Century Literature 3
9 course credits from List B (Literature 1700-1900):
ENG3108 Transatlantic Literature 1700-1900 3
ENG3318 Romantic Literature 3
ENG3341 Eighteenth-Century Literature 3
ENG3349 Restoration and 18th-Century Drama 3
ENG3356 18th-Century and Romantic Fiction 3
ENG3362 Victorian Literature 3
ENG3364 Victorian Fiction 3
ENG3377 American Fiction of the 19th Century 3
ENG3384 Canadian Literature: The Colonial Period (1760-1866) 3
ENG3385 Canadian Literature of the Confederation Period (1867-1912) 3
9 course credits from List C (Literature 1900 to the present):
ENG3109 Transnational Literatures 1900-present 3
ENG3110 Canadian Drama 3
ENG3320 Modern British Literature 3
ENG3321 Canadian Short Story 3
ENG3371 Modern Drama 3
ENG3372 Modern Short Story 3
ENG3373 Modern British Novelists 3
ENG3374 Emergence of the Modern Imagination 3
ENG3376 Contemporary Novel 3
ENG3378 American Fiction 1900 to the Present 3
ENG3379 American Poetry 1900 to the Present 3
ENG3381 Native Writing in Canada 3
ENG3383 Jewish Canadian Writers 3
ENG3386 Canadian Fiction 1900 to 1950 3
ENG3387 Canadian Fiction 1950 to the Present 3
ENG3388 Canadian Poetry 1900 to the Present 3
ENG3389 Postcolonial Literatures 3
3 course credits from List D (Forms, Theories and Methods):
ENG3105 Topics in Book History 3
ENG3106 Topics in Film Studies 3
ENG3107 Topics in Literature and Visual Culture 3
ENG3375 Critical Theory 3
3 optional seminar credits in English (ENG) at the 4000 level 2
3 optional course credits in selected topics in English (ENG) at the 4000 level
54 elective course credits
24 elective course credits plus a minor
1This course has variable topics. Students may take this course twice.
2The 4000-level requirement can only be met by 4000-level special topics or seminar courses (and not by directed readings, honours essays, or writing workshops).