The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

Minor in Canadian Studies


Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

CDN1100 Introduction to Canadian Studies 3
CDN2300 Methodology of Documentary Research in Canadian Studies 3
6 optional course credits in Canadian Studies (CDN) from the list of optional courses
18 optional course credits from the list of optional courses
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
ANT2126 Native Peoples of the Americas 3
APA3123 Hockey and Canadian Culture 3
ART3334 Canadian Art and Cultural Identities 3
ART3354 Inuit and Amerindian Art 3
CDN1300 Introduction to Jewish Canadian Studies 3
CDN2105 History of the Jews of Canada 3
CDN3102 Selected Topics in Jewish Canadian Studies 3
CDN3120 Francophones in Canada 3
CDN3383 Jewish Canadian Writers 3
CDN4101 Selected Topics in Canadian Studies 3
CIN3197 Canadian and Quebec Cinema I: fiction 3
CIN3198 Canadian and Quebec Cinema II: documentary 3
CMN2181 Intercultural Communication 3
CMN3165 Media Industries 3
EAS1101 Introduction to Aboriginal Societies and Cultures 3
ECO2113 Canada and the World Economy 3
ECO2115 Introduction to Money and Banking 3
ECO2122 Economic Dimensions of Canada-United States Relations 3
ECO2146 Introduction to Canadian Economic History 3
ENG3321 Canadian Short Story 3
ENG3381 Native Writing in Canada 3
ENG3384 Canadian Literature: The Colonial Period (1760-1866) 3
ENG3385 Canadian Literature of the Confederation Period (1867-1912) 3
ENG3386 Canadian Fiction 1900 to 1950 3
ENG3387 Canadian Fiction 1950 to the Present 3
ENG3388 Canadian Poetry 1900 to the Present 3
FRA2545 Littérature et culture de l'Ontario français 3
FRA3545 Littérature contemporaine de l'Ontario français 3
FRA3559 La langue française au Canada : étude philologique 3
FRA3746 Théâtres de la francophonie canadienne 3
FRA3754 Le roman québécois de 1900 à 1970 3
FRA3755 Le roman québécois depuis 1970 3
GEG2110 Sustainability of Social Spaces and Built Environments 3
HIS1101 The Making of Canada 3
HIS2182 Women in Canada 3
HIS2307 History of the Native Peoples in Canada, from the origins to the present 3
HIS2361 New France 3
HIS2362 British North America, 1763-1867 3
HIS2363 Canada, 1867-1939 3
HIS2364 Contemporary Canada 3
LIN2784 Le français du Canada 3
LSR1105 Leisure in Canadian Society 3
LSR2135 Recreation and Political Processes 3
POL2101 Introduction to Canadian Politics 3
POL3128 Political Life in Quebec 3
POL3159 Indigenous Politics in Canada 3
POL3525 La politique urbaine au Canada 3
POL3535 Politique et francophonie en Ontario 3
POL4162 Health Politics and Policy in Canada 3
SOC2309 Canadian Society 3
SOC3705 Sociologie de la société franco-ontarienne 3
SRS1191 Accommodations and Conflicts: Religion in Contemporary Canada 3
SRS2386 Religion in Canada from First Contact to Modern Challenges 3
SRS3385 Religion and Multiculturalism in Canada 3
THE3347 Theatre in English Canada 3
Other courses may be selected in consultation with the Director of the Institute of Canadian Studies.