Joint Honours BSocSc in Economics and Political Science


Co-operative education is available with this program.

The French immersion stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
3 credits from:
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
Economics (48 credits)
ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
MAT1300 Mathematical Methods I1 3
MAT1308 Introduction to Calculus 3
MAT1302 Mathematical Methods II 3
ECO2142 Macroeconomic Theory I 3
ECO2143 Macroeconomic Theory II 3
ECO2144 Microeconomic Theory I 3
ECO2145 Microeconomic Theory II 3
ECO3132 History of Economic Thought 3
ECO3145 Mathematical Economics I 3
ECO3150 Probability and Statistics for Economists2 3
ECO3151 Introduction to Econometrics2 3
ECO3152 Macroeconomic Theory III 3
ECO3153 Microeconomic Theory III 3
6 optional course credits in economics (ECO) at the 4000 level
Political Science (48 credits)
POL1101 Introduction to Political Science 3
POL2101 Introduction to Canadian Politics 3
POL2103 Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics 3
POL2104 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
POL2107 Introduction to Political Thought 3
POL2108 Modern Political Thought I 3
POL2156 Foundations of Research in Political Science 3
POL3102 Modern Political Thought II 3
POL3370 Qualitative Analysis in Political Science 3
3 course credits from the Canadian Politics group:
POL3159 Indigenous Politics in Canada 3
POL3171 Immigration, Multiculturalism and Citizenship in Canada and Quebec 3
POL3172 Political Participation and Mobilization in Canada 3
POL3174 Federalism 3
POL4134 Law, Politics, and the Constitution in Canada 3
POL4150 Electoral Systems and Political Parties 3
POL4154 Parliamentary Government in Canada 3
POL4162 Health Politics and Policy in Canada 3
POL4165 Developement of Social and Political Ideologies in Quebec 3
POL4166 Social and Political Thought in Canada 3
3 courses from the Comparative Politics group:
POL3114 Comparative Politics: Asia 3
POL3115 Comparative Politics of Development 3
POL3144 Comparative Politics: Africa 3
POL3145 Comparative Politics: Latin America 3
POL3162 Political Violence 3
POL3164 Comparative Politics: Middle East and Arab World 3
POL3180 Comparative Politics : Europe 3
POL4141 Comparative Politics: United States 3
POL4184 Democratization and Authoritarianism 3
POL4378 Comparative Politics: China 3
3 course credits from the International Relations group:
POL3113 Migration, Mobility, Borders and Citizenship 3
POL3123 Gender Studies and Feminist Theories in International Relations 3
POL3124 The Politics of Security 3
POL3176 International Political Economy 3
POL3177 Politics, Social Movements and Globalisation 3
POL3179 International Organizations and Global Governance 3
POL4126 Contemporary Geopolitics 3
POL4127 Critical and Historical Perspectives of United States Foreign Policy 3
POL4173 The Politics of Food 3
POL4188 International Relations as Political Theory 3
3 course credits from:
POL4310 Honours Seminar in Political Thought 3
POL4320 Honours Seminar in Canadian Politics 3
POL4330 Honours Seminar in International Relations and Global Politics 3
POL4350 Honours Seminar in Comparative Politics 3
POL4930 Séminaire de synthèse en relations internationales et politique mondiale / Honours Seminar in International Relations and Global Politics 3
3 optional course credits in political science (POL)
6 optional course credits in political science (POL) at the 4000 level
18 elective course credits
1Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in economics should select MAT1300 or the sequence MAT1320 and MAT1325 (this last course can be replaced by MAT1322). A strong background in mathematics helps students succeed in advanced courses and graduate studies in economics.
2Students who intend to participate in the Coop program should take ECO3150 and ECO3151 in their second year.