Honours BSocSc in International Development and Globalization


Co-operative education is available with this program.

The French immersion stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
3 course credits from:
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
DVM1100 Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization 3
ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
ECO1302 Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues 3
ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
ECO1304 Contemporary Microeconomic Issues 3
HIS1111 The Twentieth-Century World from 1945 3
POL1102 Politics and Globalization 3
ANT1101 Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
SOC1101 Principles of Sociology 3
DVM2105 Introduction to International Development: Historical Perspectives 3
DVM2106 International Development: Contemporary Theories and Practices 3
DVM2350 Foundations of Social and Political Thought: Classical Liberalism and Socialism 3
POL2103 Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics 3
POL2104 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
SCS2150 Introduction to Methodology in the Social Sciences 3
6 course credits from:
DVM3140 International Development Funding 3
ECO2117 Introduction to the Economics of Developing Countries 3
ECO2121 Economics of Globalization 3
DVM3150 Qualitative Research Methods and Techniques for doing Fieldwork in International Development 3
DVM3160 Introduction to International Development Projects 3
3 course credits from:
DVM3350 Theories of International Development 3
POL3115 Comparative Politics of Development 3
SOC3331 Sociology and Anthropology of Development 3
SOC3142 Applied Statistical Analysis 3
12 optional course credits in international development and globalization (DVM) at the 4000 level from the list of optional courses
9 optional course credits at the 3000 or 4000 level from the list of optional courses
9 optional course credits from the list of optional courses1
36 elective course credits
6 elective course credits plus a minor
1Maximum of 3 optional course credits in history (HIS) from the list of optional courses
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
ANT3120 Applied Anthropology 3
ANT3128 Political Anthropology 3
ANT3131 Economic Anthropology 3
ANT3326 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, International Perspectives 3
ANT3340 Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean 3
ANT3341 Anthropology of Oceania 3
ANT3342 Anthropology of Africa 3
ANT3343 Anthropology of East Asia 3
CML3117 International Law 3
CML4117 Protection of Civilians in International Law 3
DVM2110 Education, Health and Social Protection 3
DVM3105 Population Trends and International Development 3
DVM3106 Women, Gender and Development 3
DVM3108 Humanitarian Intervention 3
DVM3125 Environmental Policies, Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Development 3
DVM3130 Ethics and International Development 3
DVM3135 Food Security and International Development 3
DVM3140 International Development Funding 3
DVM4108 Conflict and Development 3
DVM4010 Stage international en développement international / International Internship in International Development 6
DVM4120 International Development Issues in Africa 3
DVM4125 International Development Issues in Asia 3
DVM4130 International Development Issues in Latin America 3
DVM4140 Private Enterprise and Development 3
DVM4150 Social Economy and Local Development in Developing Countries 3
DVM4151 International Development Policy and Practice 3
DVM4152 Advanced Data Analysis for International Development 3
DVM4153 International Development and Environmental Change 3
DVM4154 Global Studies, Citizenship and Development 3
DVM4160 International Project Management 3
DVM4330 Special Research Topics 3
ECO2113 Canada and the World Economy 3
ECO2117 Introduction to the Economics of Developing Countries 3
ECO2121 Economics of Globalization 3
FEM2107 Diversities of Women: Gender, Race, Class and (Dis)ability 3
HIS2160 History of the Middle East from World War I 3
HIS2171 Latin America, Modern Period 3
HIS2176 Southeast Asian Civilizations from the 18th Century to the Present 3
HIS2376 History of Africa South of the Sahara since 1850 3
POL3114 Comparative Politics: Asia 3
POL3124 The Politics of Security 3
POL3144 Comparative Politics: Africa 3
POL3145 Comparative Politics: Latin America 3
POL3154 Comparative Politics: Central and Eastern Europe
POL3162 Political Violence 3
POL3164 Comparative Politics: Middle East and Arab World 3
POL3176 International Political Economy 3
POL3177 Politics, Social Movements and Globalisation 3
POL3513 Migration, mobilité, frontières et citoyenneté 3
POL4126 Contemporary Geopolitics 3
POL4170 Politics of Foreign Aid 3
POL4178 Political Economy of Development 3
POL4184 Democratization and Authoritarianism 3
POL4190 Global Environmental Politics 3
SCS1150 Introduction to Studying the Social Sciences 3
SOC3116 Technologies, World and Societies 3
SOC3117 Qualitative Research Laboratory 3
SOC4127 Contemporary Analysis of Migration 3
SOC4135 Local and Global Economic Relations 3
SOC4305 Conflicts and Social Movements 3
SOC4310 Globalization and the Environment 3
SOC4314 Gender Relations, Development and Globalization 3
SRS1112 The Religions of the World I 3
SRS2113 The Religions of the World II 3
SVS4525 Dimensions internationales du service social 3