Juris Doctor (JD) / American University, Washington College of Law or Michigan State University, College of Law) - Incoming


Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

University of Ottawa - Common Law1
CML1103 Criminal Law and Procedure 5
CML1110 Orientation to the Canadian Legal System 1
CML1205 Introduction to Public and Constitutional Law 5
CML2309 Civil Procedure I 3
CML2312 Administrative Law 3
CML2313 Constitutional Law II2 3
CML2302 Business Organizations 3
CML3102 Special Course in Business Law 3
CML2320 Mediation Theory and Practice3 3
CML2321 Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes3 3
Advanced standing course credits for compulsory courses:
CML1101 Principles of Legal Research 1
CML1102 Contracts 5
CML1105 First-Year Thematic Course 3
CML1108 Property 5
CML1107 Torts 5
15 advanced standing course credits in common law (CML) at the 1000 level
3 course credits from:4
These courses may not all be offered every year.
CML2101 Appellate Advocacy 3
CML2320 Mediation Theory and Practice 3
CML2321 Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes 3
CML3119 Studies in Oral Advocacy 3
CML3120 Moot Court Competition 3
CML3121 Gale Cup Moot 3
CML3125 National Aboriginal Law Moot: Kawaskimhon "Speaking With Knowledge" 3
CML3127 Wilson Moot Competition 3
CML3128 Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Competition 3
CML3132 Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot 3
CML3139 WTO/ELSA WTO Law Moot 3
CML3140 Canadian Corporate/Securities Competition 3
CML3142 Intellectual Property Advocacy 3
CML3154 Trial Advocacy 3
CML3158 Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy 3
CML3165 Arnup Cup 3
CML3180 Environmental Law Clinic 3
CML3234 Labour Law II 3
CML3248 Introduction Legal Aid Clinic Course 6
CML3250 Advanced Clinical Course in Community Law 9
CML3313 Interviewing & Counseling 3
CML3315 Negotiation 3
CML3317 Corporate Immigration Advocacy 3
CML3366 Collaborative Family Law Practice 3
CML3385 International Trade and Investment Law Practicum 3
CML3388 Intellectual Property Litigation 3
CML3391 Dispute Resolution in Family Law 3
CML3449 Clinical Legal Aid II 6
CML3450 Clinical Legal Aid III 6
CML3922 Tribunal-école international Philip C. Jessup / Philip C. Jessup International Moot 3
CML3923 Coupe Laskin / Lasking Moot Court 3
CML4100 Dispute Resolution Practicum 4
CML4116 Advanced Refugee Law 3
CML4305 Advocacy Before International Tribunals 3
30 optional course credits in common law (CML)5
American University - Washington College of Law or Michigan State University, College of Law:6
Full time enrolment in the JD program, including all compulsory courses and additional requirements as stipulated by the partner university.
64 course credits recognized as advanced standing for common law (CML), including the compulsory courses listed above.
1These courses are followed during the third and fourth year. Students maintain registration at the partner university for the duration of their studies, even while attending the University of Ottawa.
2The course CML2313 must be completed by the end of the second year.
3CML2320 and CML2321 replace CML1106 Dispute Resolution and Professional Responsibility (a compulsory first year course for the regular 3-year JD Program).
4Students must fulfill the oral advocacy requirement by completing one of the approved courses.
5Students must fulfill the major paper requirement.
6These courses are followed during the first and second year.