B.A. spécialisé en lettres françaises et Baccalauréat en éducation


For Bachelor of Education requirements, see the Faculty of Education calendar.

The integrated lettres françaises et éducation programs meet teacher candidates’ needs by closely combining education in a discipline with teacher training. Right from first year, you learn concepts in pedagogy while receiving a solid grounding in French. What’s more, you complete your first practicum in a school in fourth year, enabling you to understand issues in teaching and bridging your theoretical knowledge of two disciplines and classroom practice.

Grade levels and corresponding divisions:

- Kindergarten to Grade 6 (4 to 12 year olds): Primary/Junior

- Grades 4 to 10 (9 to 16 year olds): Junior/Intermediate

- Grades 7 to 12 (14 to 18 year olds): Intermediate/Senior


• If you plan to teach in a secondary school, you must take at least 12 credits in a second discipline corresponding to a subject you will teach.

To remain in the BEd program, you must pass a language proficiency test administered by the Faculty of Education before Teacher Education courses begin, that is, before the start of third year. All students enrolled in the BA/BEd program must write a formative test to identify any weaknesses, receive personalized feedback and address any issues before the formal proficiency test.

- Students admitted into first year must write the formative test in March of their first year. The proficiency test takes place in March of their second year.

- Students admitted into second year must write the formative test in September. The proficiency test takes place in March of that same year as well.

The Faculty will email you to invite you to register for the test in a timely fashion. Until then, you must continue to improve your grammar and writing skills. (For suggestions on courses that can improve your French skills, please contact the Chair of the Département de français undergraduate studies committee.)

If you are admitted into one of the integrated lettres françaises et éducation programs, you must follow the regulations of the two faculties (Arts and Education).

Special admission conditions: You can only be admitted on a full-time basis and to the first or second year of the program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

3 course credits from:
PHI1501 Raisonnement et pensée critique 3
PHI1701 Philosophie : idées et arguments 3
3 course credits from:
AHL1500 Initiation aux études interdisciplinaires en Arts1 3
AHL1900 Initiation aux études interdisciplinaires en Arts / Introduction to Interdisciplinary study in the Arts1 3
PHI1502 Raisonnement moral 3
PHI1503 Les grandes questions philosophiques 3
PHI1504 Les grands philosophes 3
PHI1702 Philosophie : thèmes et textes 3
FRA1746 Littérature française : des origines au XVIIIe siècle 3
FRA1748 Littératures française et québécoise : du XIXe siècle à nos jours 3
FRA2520 Grammaire pratique 3
FRA2545 Littérature et culture de l'Ontario français 3
FRA2715 La littérature pour la jeunesse 3
FRA2730 Le théâtre 3
FRA2732 Initiation aux approches critiques 3
FRA2740 La poésie 3
FRA2780 Le récit 3
FRA2789 Grammaire d'aujourd'hui 3
FRA3759 Histoire de la langue française 3
6 course credits from:
FRA3561 Le Moyen Âge 3
FRA3562 Le classicisme 3
FRA3571 La Renaissance 3
FRA3572 Le siècle des Lumières 3
3 course credits from:
FRA3761 Le romantisme 3
FRA3762 Le symbolisme 3
FRA3763 Le réalisme 3
FRA3764 Le surréalisme 3
6 course credits from:
FRA3547 Littératures francophones d'Afrique et des Antilles 3
FRA3743 La poésie moderne 3
FRA3746 Théâtres de la francophonie canadienne 3
FRA3751 Le roman français de la première moitié du XXe siècle 3
FRA3752 Le roman français contemporain 3
FRA3753 Le théâtre français contemporain 3
FRA3754 Le roman québécois de 1900 à 1970 3
FRA3755 Le roman québécois depuis 1970 3
6 optional course credits in lettres françaises (FRA)
6 optional course credits at the 4000 level in lettres françaises (FRA)
3 course credits from:
PED2507 Réalités scolaires actuelles 3
PED2508 La relation pédagogique 3
PED3505 La problématique de l'enseignement de la langue française en milieu minoritaire en Ontario 3
PED3705 École, famille et communauté 3
51 elective course credits
18 elective course credits plus a minor
Bachelor of Education courses (60 credits)2
1This course has variable topics. Students may take this course twice.
2For Bachelor of Education requirements, see the Faculty of Education calendar.