Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting


Co-operative education is available with this program.

The French immersion stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

ADM1300 Introduction to Business Management 3
ADM1301 Social Context of Business 3
ADM1340 Financial Accounting 3
ADM1370 Applications of Information Technology for Business 3
ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
ENG1131 Effective Business English 3
MAT1300 Mathematical Methods I 3
MAT1302 Mathematical Methods II 3
3 course credits from:
PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking 3
PHI1301 Philosophy: Ideas and Arguments 3
ADM2302 Business Analytics 3
ADM2303 Statistics for Management 3
ADM2304 Applications of Statistical Methods in Business 3
ADM2320 Marketing 3
ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour 3
ADM2337 Human Resource Management 3
ADM2341 Managerial Accounting 3
ADM2342 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ADM2350 Financial Management 3
ADM2372 Management Information Systems 3
ADM2381 Business Communication Skills 3
PHI2397 Business Ethics 3
ADM3301 Operations Management 3
ADM3318 International Business 3
ADM3340 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ADM3345 Taxation I 3
ADM3346 Cost Accounting 3
ADM3349 Auditing Theory 3
ADM3350 Corporate Finance 3
ADM3360 Business Law 3
SOC3116 Technologies, World and Societies 3
ADM4311 Strategic Management 3
ADM4340 Case Studies in Accounting 3
ADM4341 Advanced Auditing 3
ADM4342 Seminar in Accounting Theory 3
ADM4344 Taxation II 3
ADM4345 Management Control Systems 3
ADM4346 Accounting Information Systems Auditing 3
ADM4348 Special Topics in Financial Accounting 3
ADM4349 Advanced Accounting 3