The table below includes only discipline-specific courses. Please refer to the Academic Regulations for information on including a minor to your degree.

Minor in Digital Humanities


DHN1100 Arts and Digital Humanities 3
DHN2100 Workshop in Digital Humanities 3
DHN4100 Digital Humanities Capstone Project 6
18 optional course credits from the list of optional courses
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
ART1331 The Photograph and Visual Culture 3
CIN2102 History of Cinema II : since 1960 3
CIN3101 Cinema, Nation and Identity 3
CIN3103 Theories of Cinema 3
CMN1160 Introduction to Media Studies 3
CMN2158 Multimedia I 3
CMN2170 New Media 3
CMN4170 Social Uses of New Media 3
DHN1300 Selected Topics in Digital Humanities 3
DHN2300 Selected Topics in Digital Humanities 3
DHN3300 Selected Topics in Digital Humanities 3
DHN4300 Selected Topics in Digital Humanities 3
ENG3170 Writing for Digital Media 3
ENG3171 Communication in the Information Age 3
FLS3791 Technologies, internet et médias sociaux en FLS 3
FRA2700 Méthodes d'enquête et de documentation 3
FRA3578 Critique et chronique culturelles 3
GEG2320 Introduction to Geomatics 3
ITI1100 Digital Systems I 3
ITI1120 Introduction to Computing I 3
JOU3100 Digital Journalism I 3
JOU4100 Digital Journalism II 3
MUS3315 Music and Computers I 3
PED3174 Teaching Computer Studies at the Intermediate Division 3
PED3119 Integrating Technology in the Classroom 3
PHI2170 Logic I 3
PHI2172 Philosophy of Mind 3
PHI2394 Scientific Thought and Social Values 3
PHI3171 Logic II 3
PHI3390 Philosophical Logic 3
TRA2988 Documentation et lexicologie / Documentation and Lexicology1 3
TRA3155 Introduction to Terminology and Terminotics2 3
1Permission of the department. Bilingualism required.
2Permission of the department.