Joint Honours BSc in Mathematics and Economics


Co-operative education is available with this program.

The extended French stream is available with this program.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2015-2016 calendars for the previous requirements.

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
3 optional course credits in English (ENG) from:
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
Mathematics (51 course credits)
MAT1320 Calculus I 3
MAT1322 Calculus II 3
MAT1341 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
MAT1362 Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs 3
MAT2122 Multivariable Calculus 3
MAT2125 Elementary Real Analysis 3
MAT2371 Introduction to Probability 3
MAT2375 Introduction to Statistics 3
3 course credits from:
MAT2141 Linear Algebra I1 3
MAT2342 Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra 3
6 course credits from:
MAT2143 Algebraic Structures 3
MAT2324 Ordinary Differential Equations and the Laplace Transform 3
MAT2348 Discrete Mathematics 3
MAT2355 Introduction to Geometry 3
MAT2362 Foundations of Mathematics2 3
12 optional course credits in mathematics (MAT) at the 3000 or 4000 level
6 optional course credits in mathematics (MAT) at the 4000 level
Economics (42 course credits)
ECO1102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
ECO1104 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
ECO2142 Macroeconomic Theory I 3
ECO2143 Macroeconomic Theory II 3
ECO2144 Microeconomic Theory I 3
ECO2145 Microeconomic Theory II 3
ECO3151 Introduction to Econometrics 3
ECO3152 Macroeconomic Theory III 3
ECO3153 Microeconomic Theory III 3
9 optional course credits in economics (ECO) at the 3000 or 4000 level
6 optional course credits in economics (ECO) at the 4000 level
21 elective course credits
Students planning to go to graduate school in Mathematics and Statistics must consult the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
The course MAT3153 cannot be counted for credit if you have previously passed MAT4153. You may however take MAT3153 and then subsequently take MAT4153, and count both for credit.
1Students interested in graduate studies in mathematics should choose MAT2141.
2MAT2362 is strongly recommended and is required for further study of logic.