Health Sciences

The Honours Bachelor's in Health Sciences program enables students to study health and its related components from an interdisciplinary perspective, which allows students to discover innovative ways to examine, measure and unravel complex health problems at all life stages, in Canada and around the world. These future health professionals will be challenged to understand biological, environmental and social factors, both in isolation and as interactive health determinants.

Students will build on a foundation in biomedical sciences to integrate social and environmental health determinants in the study of health communication, disability and illness issues, pharmacology and nutrition. Significant training in health research methodologies is provided through courses in statistics, quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, epidemiology and health program development and evaluation. This program also includes select opportunities to conduct research thesis projects.

Upon completion, students will be well-prepared to undertake MSc programs in interdisciplinary health sciences or epidemiology, or work in health promotion or biomedical research. Graduates may choose to pursue careers in public or private health agencies, non-governmental health organizations or in community health programs. Graduates may also go on to further studies in medicine, rehabilitation studies, dentistry or pharmacy. Our interdisciplinary focus enhances the quality and maturity of future clinicians and health professionals.