Policy 57a - The University of Ottawa Signature (Name and Symbols)

Approved Administrative Committee 936.9



1. The User Guide for the University Signature, which provides directives in the use of University of Ottawa trademarks is confirmed by Policy 57a.

2. The use of a specific University signature on official stationery is governed by Policy 57b.

3. The text and samples of the User Guide are included in Appendix A of this policy.

4. The use of secondary signatures, symbols, or logos for faculties, services, units or programs in conjunction with the University logo is prohibited on standard University stationery.

5. The use of secondary signatures, symbols, or logos on documents and other materials that are distributed externally is strongly discouraged. If a secondary signature is used, the University signature must be markedly more prominent.

6. The University reserves the right to refuse to pay printing costs, or to refuse permission of distribution of printed documents that use the University signature in formats or configurations other than those specified in this policy.

7. Any other use of the University signature, by the University, external organizations, or student groups must be submitted in writing for approval by the Graphic Standards Committee.


8. This policy should be read in conjunction with Policy 57b on Standardization of Stationery.

9. Appeals of decisions may be referred to the Administrative Committee to request an exception.

10. The position of President of the Graphic Standards Committee is held by the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Services.


11. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Graphic Standards Committee.

Revised November 22, 2000

(Office of the Vice-President, External Relations)

Appendix A: User Guide for the University Signature

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