Policy 57b - Standardization of Stationery

Approved Administrative Committee 588.6



1. The purpose of this policy is to establish regulations covering standard University of Ottawa stationery for reasons of effectiveness and economy.


2. Standard stationery, for the purposes of this policy includes:

  • 1. all letterhead paper
  • 2. all envelopes
  • 3. all business cards
  • 4. all "memo" pads 5½ x 8½
  • 5. all "compliments" cards
  • 6. all invitation envelopes 43/8 x 5¾
  • 7. message pads
  • 8. any other stationery items that may in time be included.


3. All stationery must comply with the standards shown in the Memorandum AVRS 94.02 (Appendix B).

4. Official stationery for the various sectors of the University is ordered through the Audio-Visual and Reprography Service according to the terms of the Systems Contracts negotiated by Materials Management Services.

5. Questions arising concerning stationery must be directed to the Graphics Review Committee which will consult with the Administrative Committee as appropriate.

6. When authorized by the Administrative Committee, use of the Crest and Logotype by outside organizations or by student groups must be approved in writing by the Graphics Review Committee.

7. Requests for exception must be made in writing to the Graphics Review Committee on the appropriate form (Appendix C).


8. This policy is to be read in conjunction with Policy No. 57a on the use of the University Crest and University Logo and Coat of Arms, user guide available on diskette.


9. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Graphics Review Committee.

Revised January 15, 1997

Appendix B and Appendix C are available at the Office of the Secretary.

(Office of the Vice-President, External Relations)

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