Policy 72 - Environmental Policy

Approved Board of Governors 92.20



1. The University of Ottawa is committed to managing its operations responsibly, in a way that will protect and sustain the natural environment. To this end, it will, among other things,:

  • a) Take all steps to meet and, where possible, feasible and economically viable, go beyond the requirements of existing environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • b) Identify, assess and manage environmental hazards associated with University activities.
  • c) Assess, plan, construct and operate university facilities in compliance with all legislation dealing with the environment, the University community and the general public.
  • d) Review the environmental impact of current or proposed operations or undertakings before making decisions or implementing projects.
  • e) In the absence of legislation, adopt, where feasible, standards that better protect the environment and minimize environmental risk.
  • f) Maintain an active and efficient self-monitoring program to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and University policies.
  • g) Where feasible, on the one hand, reduce activities that can harm the environment and, on the other hand, encourage the use of ecologically sound materials or processes, as well as recycling and reutilization programs.
  • h) Implement, maintain and regularly update contingency plans for dealing with accidental discharges so that effective remedial action takes place as soon as possible to minimize adverse effects.
  • i) Respond diligently to incidents resulting from University activities.
  • j) Contribute to the development of standards, procedures and legislation by actively participating in appropriate consultative processes.
  • k) Organize environmental management effectively at all levels, by clearly defining responsibilities and by requiring that all members of the University community be willing and able to enforce the University's environmental policies and procedure in their sphere of activity.
  • l) Ensure that the current policy as well as all future policies and pertinent legislation are actively promoted.
  • m) Implement appropriate measures to have all relevant environmental information distributed efficiently and in a timely manner to all members of the University community.


2. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Administrative Committee.

Published December 7, 1992

(Office of the Vice-President, Resources)

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