If an emergency involves a violent aggressor armed with a deadly weapon, people in the threatened area may be instructed to lockdown.

What is a lockdown

A lockdown involves a series of measures that are intended to minimize risk to students and staff until civil authorities are able to take control of the situation. If a violent aggressor is in the vicinity, you should leave the area as soon as safely possible. If safe escape isn’t an option, you’ll need to take cover or hide until authorities let you know it’s safe to come out.


  • Escape, cover or hide.
  • If escape isn’t possible or safe, seek cover; get behind a solid structure that can’t be penetrated by weapons or weapon fire (e.g. concrete wall or planter).
  • If there’s no escape or cover, hide; stay quiet and out of sight.
  • If you’re in an open area, look for your nearest, safest escape and get there as quickly as you can.
  • Warn others as you encounter them.
  • If you’re inside a building, find a closed room or area.
  • Secure the area by locking and/or barricading the doors; if you can’t lock or barricade the doors, make sure they’re properly closed.
  • Turn off the lights and close the blinds; try to make the room appear unoccupied.
  • Keep away from doors and windows; hide behind furniture if you can; otherwise, stay low to the ground and out of sight.
  • Set your cell phone to “silent” and avoid using it unless you’re reporting an emergency or it’s absolutely necessary; using cell phones increases the demand on cellular network towers, and emergency responders and those in need of immediate assistance will be relying on those towers.
  • Remain calm and quiet, and help others do the same.


  • Don’t react to alarms, such as fire alarms, unless fire is evident.
  • Don’t open doors to anyone; wait to be advised by authorities.
  • Don’t move from your hiding place unless it’s no longer safe to stay there, or until authorities declare it safe to leave.

KNOW YOUR AREA! Get acquainted with your nearest escape routes, and keep an eye out for hiding places in and around the places you frequent most.

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