Robots that are inspired by biology, like Dr. Emil Petriu's, are an example of the advanced research being conducted at the University of Ottawa.

Our research community is one of the best in the country and demonstrates the highest calibre of creativity and discovery that contributes to our prosperity.  

uOttawa's science and engineering research fourth in Canada

As the University of Ottawa welcomes more than 40,000 new and returning students, its research community welcomes newly published Canadian rankings that place the University fourth in the country in science and engineering research.

The report, published by the Toronto-based research company Higher Education Strategy Associates, is the first ranking of its kind that does not focus on the common indicators such as publications per institution or research dollars per institution. Instead, it measures research strength by taking into account each professor's and department's impact and productivity using a specific indicator — the H-index — and factoring in the institution's current research strengths through granting council award results.

"Our research community is one of the best in the country and demonstrates the highest calibre of creativity and discovery that contributes to our prosperity, to training the leaders of tomorrow and building a better future," says Mona Nemer, vice-president of Research.

This new method levels the playing field for each discipline to minimize the stifling effect of high citation and cost disciplines on those that aren't as high profile but still produce quality research. The rankings are divided into two categories: science and engineering and social sciences and humanities.

An unwavering commitment to excellence in research is a cornerstone of the University's strategic plan, Destination 20/20, aiming to improve its overall rankings among Canadian universities as well as highlight the stellar work carried out on its campus. This commitment is exemplified in the forthcoming Advance Research Complex, which will be a major cornerstone in continuing to strengthen the University's leadership in science and engineering research and innovation.

As one of Canada's top 10 research institutions, the University of Ottawa has gained significant momentum in the quality and quantity of research conducted in science and engineering. Exemplary researchers who raise the bar in their fields include: Paul Corkum and Robert Boyd, who have helped position the University as one of the very best photonics research centres in the world; Azzedine Boukerche, whose leading-edge technology will transform the way Canadians drive; Xiaoyi Bao, a renowned expert in fibre optics and photonics; Pierre Berini, who continually breaks new ground in surface plasmon photonics; and Karin Hinzer, who is bringing solar cell technology closer to being used in every home. They are among the many specialists at the University of Ottawa whose research benefits policy-makers, businesses, researchers, practitioners and all Canadians.

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Text and photo: Peter Thornton
Published: September 2012

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