Un salon d'étude au cinquième étage du Carrefour des apprentissages
Learning Crossroads (CRX)

The Learning Crossroads will offer modern study rooms that will promote collaboration and exchanges between different disciplines.


February 2, 2018: Please be advised that part of the sidewalk along the Learning Crossroads’ east side will be blocked off until mid-April while additional siding is installed on the façade above; please walk on the other side of the street (along Brooks) and expect construction noises.

The Learning Crossroads (CRX) began its gradual opening on January 15th, giving students immediate access to two new classrooms, more than dozen group study rooms, and over 1,000 new study spaces for the 2018 winter term… and there are power and USB outlets everywhere. As the innovative technology that defines CRX is installed and the final touches are made, additional spaces will be made available gradually in preparation for the official opening later this year. Read the Gazette launch article here.

Project Description

The Learning Crossroads (CRX), located at 100 Louis-Pasteur, is entirely dedicated to active learning, innovative, technology-enabled teaching, and providing new study spaces.

The new Library spaces will offer a variety of technologies and study spaces, with staff available to help students and faculty who want to book the rooms and use the equipment for group work and special events. They will also provide training and assistance with a wide range of digital projects.

The Teaching and Learning Support Service Training Centre (TLSS) will offer training and support to instructors as they explore new teaching methods and modes of learning with digital technologies.

"The new Library spaces will focus on active learning experiences that occur beyond the classroom, with dynamic and technology-rich environments where students can learn and create together. Our new study spaces will support students in a wide range of digital media projects, providing digital design studios and interactive screens allowing for immersive, large-scale displays."

- Leslie Weir, University Librarian

“Learner-centered education enhanced by technology–rich learning environments increase learning gains and the quality of students’ learning experience; the new Active Learning Classrooms will be places for students and professors to experience new ways of teaching and learning.”

- Aline Germain-Rutherford, Associate Vice-President, TLSS

New Spaces



  • 20 case-based learning rooms (x16 seats)
  • 2 amphitheatres  (x350 seats)
  • 4 Active Learning Classrooms (x56-117 seats)
  • 6 classrooms (x52-66 seats)


  • 15 collaborative study rooms (x10-14 seats)
  • 5 multimedia studios and 25 multimedia PCs
  • 3 study suites (x150 seats)
  • 1 data visualization room (x50 seats)
  • 1 gaming room (x50 seats)


  • Paramount Fine Foods
  • Thai Express
  • Tim Hortons
A rendering of the new lebanese restaurant in the Learning Crossroads
Carrefour des apprentissages | Learning Crossroads

Accessible Routes

Certain accessibility deficiencies have been identified and will be addressed shortly as a priority item for Facilities. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and welcome your feedback as we address these issues. Please refer to the following signage for accessible paths through the Learning Crossroads when planning your route(s) to class C140 on level 1 and/or C408 on level 4. The same signage will be posted inside the building.

Project Team

  • Project Manager: Paul Lagacé
  • Architect: HDR Architecture Associates Inc.
  • Civil Engineer: Novatech Engineering Consultants Inc.
  • General Contractor: POMERLEAU
  • Landscape Architect: CSW Landscape Architects Inc.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: MMM Group Limited
  • Structural Engineer: Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd.
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