UCU Terrace rendering
UCU Terrace

While rejuvenating the UCU terrace and nearby concrete steps, Facilities will use the opportunity to create a dynamic new assembly and events area, upgrading the terrace with beautiful new landscaping and lights.

Project Description

Although the UCU upper terrace appears to be just that, it actually makes up the roof of the new dining hall and other adjacent facilities, and is in a deteriorated condition, leaking, and due for replacement.

While rejuvenating the terrace and nearby concrete steps, Facilities will use the opportunity to:

  • Create a dynamic new assembly and events area
  • Install versatile new lampposts
  • Add beautiful new landscaping

Quick Facts

  • The new surface area of the terrace is over 1,800 square meters, of which over 20% will be used for landscaping
  • A variety of over 21 new trees, 104 shrubs, and 280 perennials (including ornamental grasses) will be planted
  • The finished terrace will be able to accommodate events of up to 1,200 people
  • There will be six new 25-foot-tall multi-functional lampposts and seven regular lampposts

Questions and Answers

Why are you redoing the terrace and steps?

Built in 1973, Jock Turcot Hall is already 43 years old – building systems have a renewal lifecycle where components simply wear out. In this case, the principal driver for the project is the replacement of the terrace waterproofing membrane that protects the rooms below from leaks: the Dining Hall in particular is a significant investment and must be protected against water infiltrations. Since this is a roof/terrace combination, the only way to access the waterproofing membrane is to remove all of the terrace surface elements first.

Who had input on the terrace redesign?

The project started with our planners performing a feasibility study. After several options were proposed, one was selected and further developed with input from various University stakeholders such as Community Life, Food Services, Facilities, and others.

What are some of the highlights of the new terrace?

It may not be flashy, but the main highlight is the new waterproofing membrane. It's hidden infrastructure, but it's the most important part when you consider the newly renovated Dining Hall just below. The other highlights include a new terrace surface, new stairs, new guard rails, new lighting and landscaping. This will be a beautiful destination where the Campus community will be proud to hold special events.

Will the Dining Hall be open during construction and how do I access it?

Yes, the cafeteria will remain operational during construction and accessible from the main entrance in the UCU. Our construction work overhead will be very noisy and disruptive, however – there's no way around that. As they say, "you can't make an omelet..."

Where will pedestrians be able to walk? (Dining Hall, lawn, library, etc.)

Pedestrians will need to circumvent the construction area, but the lower terrace in front of Morisset will remain accessible to a limited degree, providing access to the library. The lawn area leading up to the terrace will have limited access as well. The dining hall will have to be accessed from the main entrance in the UCU.

What can we expect in terms of noise?

It will be disruptive, unfortunately. We will have lots of concrete to remove and this will require jack-hammering; to limit daytime noise, we are planning our removals for after 4:30pm. There will also be a lot of construction, heavy equipment traffic, and various other noisy activities.

When do you expect the project to be completed?

Weather permitting, our target completion date is late November 2016. If it's too cold to safely plant the trees and shrubs, it's possible we'll have to complete the planting in April 2017.

Project Team

Project Manager: Richard Hould

Architect: N45 Architecture

Building Science: Englobe Corp.

Electrical + Mechanical Engineer: Goodkey Weedmark Consulting Engineers

General Contractor: Morin Insulation & Roofing Inc.

Landscape Architect: Douglas & Ruhland Associates Ltd

Landscaping Contractor: Prestige Design and Construction Ltd

Lighting Design: Gabriel Mackinnon

Signage Consultant: Jaan Krusberg Design Inc.

Possible Disruptions

  • Accessibility
  • Dust
  • Interruptions
  • Noise
  • Pedestrians
  • Vibrations
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