A rendering of the UCU steps that will be rebuilt.
UCU Terrace: Phase II + Steps

The UCU's lower terrace will be demolished and a new terrace, with new landscaping and lighting, will be constructed in its place.

Project Description

The lower terrace opposite Morisset, which is 44 years old and serves as a roof to parts of the UCU, is leaking and in need of replacement. The concrete will be demolished, the waterproofing membrane replaced and a new terrace constructed, including new landscaping and lighting.

The UCU steps opposite the 90U residence will also be replaced and a small assembly area created at the same time. The nearby accessible ramp will have to be dismantled during construction; it will be reassembled afterwards.

Questions and Answers

Why are you redoing the terrace and steps?

Built in 1973, Jock Turcot Hall is already 44 years old – building systems have a renewal lifecycle where components simply wear out. In this case, the principal driver for the project is the replacement of the terrace waterproofing membrane that protects the rooms below from leaks, like the student lounge, bookstore and UCU concourse. Since this is a roof/terrace combination, the only way to access the waterproofing membrane is to remove all of the terrace surface elements first. It merges directly into the UCU steps as well, so the project to renew those was combined with the terrace.

What's happening with the upper terrace?

Some unexpected manufacturing delays with the upper terrace’s new guardrails, which are an essential safety feature, forced us to delay its opening this winter. That said, the upper terrace should be completed and accessible by the end of April and before we begin work on phase 2.

Where will we be able to pass?

Pedestrians will need to circumvent the construction area and access Morisset and the UCU from doors on the outer edges of those buildings. The nearby accessible ramp will have to be dismantled during construction; it will be reassembled afterwards. For accessible paths and more information of which entrances can be used, please read the answer to the next question and watch the video on this page.

What are the accessible routes?

Accessible entrances into Morisset and the UCU:

  • Taking the ramp down to the entrance outside the Pivik (opposite Fauteux)
  • Taking the elevator outside the Thompson Residence down into the student lounge area (level 0)
  • Entering the UCU via Montpetit (level 2)
  • Entering Morisset via the bridge from Perez (level 2)

Accessible routes to the Morisset Library:

  1. Using either the Pivik entrance or the elevator outside of Thompson, make your way past the student lounge to the level 0 elevators inside Morisset; if you’re on the second floor, take an elevator down to level 0.
  2. Use the intercom to call the library.
  3. A staff member will answer and come down in the designated elevator to greet and accompany you back up to the library entrance.
Will the Morisset Library be open during construction and how do I get there?

Yes, the library will remain open throughout construction; only the exterior doors leading out to the terrace will be closed. It will still be possible to access the library entrance from inside Morisset by using the stairs.

The coffee shop inside will also remain open.

What can we expect in terms of noise?

It will be disruptive, unfortunately. We will have lots of concrete to remove and this will require jack-hammering. There will also be a lot of construction, heavy equipment traffic, and various other noisy activities.

When do you expect the project to be completed?

Our target completion date is end of August 2017, before the beginning of the school year.

That said, this is a very aggressive deadline with several variables that introduce risks of delays; in the event of a significant delay, there are contingency plans in place to reopen certain key building entrances.

Project Team

Project ManagerRichard Hould

Architect + Landscape Architect: CIVITAS

Electrical + Mechanical Engineer: Goodkey Weedmark

General Contractor: TBD

Lighting Design: Gabriel Mackinnon Lighting Design

Signage Consultant: Mackenzie Krusberg Design Associates

Structural Engineer: Cunliffe & Associates

Expected Disruptions

  • Accessibility
  • Dust
  • Interruptions
  • Noise
  • Pedestrians detours
  • Vibrations
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