Overdue Accounts

Student accounts are considered delinquent if they are not paid in full within 60 days after the due date for the term. If your account is delinquent, a financial hold will be placed on your student account; this hold will prevent you from obtaining official academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, letters of permission, official confirmations, etc.) and from accessing Rabaska.

The University is under no obligation to issue any transcript, to award any diploma, or to register a student if that student has not paid tuition fees, residence fees, or any other fee appearing on his statement of account.

Information for Registered Students

Students who owe amounts from previous terms must either settle their accounts or make payment arrangements with a counsellor at Student Accounts before the end of the class registration period.

Students in financial difficulty should first seek advice from the Financial Aid and Awards Service to discuss the possibility of obtaining not only financial aid, bursaries and scholarships, but also other services, such as counselling to help manage their finances, so that they can start, continue and complete their postsecondary education.

Meeting with a counsellor to request an exception

Reasons to meet with a counsellor:

1. To register for an upcoming term when your account shows a balance owing.

  • To obtain a statement of studies in order to apply for a scholarship or to renew your student status in Canada.

2. Meetings are scheduled two-to-three weeks before the registration deadline.

  • You can print out an unofficial confirmation of registration and an unofficial transcript by signing in to your uOzone account and selecting the corresponding application under the "Applications" tab.

How to prepare your case before meeting with a counsellor

During the meeting, the counsellor will propose a short-term payment arrangement. You must show that you will be able to pay the current balance owing on your account along with any new fees that you will incur when you register.

Note that you will be required to pay a significant initial payment immediately upon signing the agreement and that the counsellor cannot guarantee that you will get into the classes you want.
Bring any documents that could help the counsellor take a decision in your case, such as: pay stubs, bank loan/line-of-credit statements, proof of scholarships, confirmation of financial aid.

In no case will you have access to Rabaska. Such access is reserved for students who have paid their university fees in full. If you are granted permission to register, you will need to go to your faculty to fill out the appropriate form.

How are requests evaluated?

Here are a few of the factors that counsellors will take into consideration when evaluating a request:

  • How long an amount has been owing
  • How much is owed
  • How the student has handled financial transactions with the University in the past

All decisions concerning a request for an exception shall be fair, equitable, and in accordance with University regulations.

Please note that we do not schedule meetings for the reasons listed below:

  • To grant access to Rabaska
  • To participate in convocation
  • To attest that a degree has been conferred
  • To issue certificates or diplomas
  • To issue official transcripts
  • To arrange payment plans for the current term

If you have signed a payment arrangement and you fail to comply, your account will be transferred to the University of Ottawa Internal Collection department at the end of the agreement. 

Information for Students who are no Longer Registered

The delinquent accounts of students who fail to settle their debt will be referred to the University of Ottawa Internal Collection Department following this schedule:

Last registered term

Transfer to Collection Department


Following winter term


Following summer term


Following fall term


Special students

The delinquent accounts of special students will be transferred to the University of Ottawa Internal Collection Department at the end of the next registration period (approximately two months after the end of the registered term). 


If you have an amount owing on your University of Ottawa account (this could include anything from a library fine to tuition fees), you will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony nor will you receive transcripts, statements of studies, statements of degrees conferred, certificates or diplomas. 

Delinquent accounts will be transferred to the University of Ottawa Internal Collection Department after the ceremonies.


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