Before Applying

The cost for one year of university

The following link will help you plan and create a budget for expenses as well as offering tips to help you save money.

Program structures


Comprising of 15 university credits (usually 5 courses), diploma programs are intensive thus allowing students to get right to the heart of a subject. Duration is one year of studies typically consisting of two sessions.


A bachelor’s degree must be held to be eligible for admission into a master’s program. Duration of the program is approximately two years, depending upon if the student pursues a master’s with thesis or research paper, or master’s with coop internship. The first year of studies consists of courses directly relating to the program, while the second year is dedicated to the writing of the student’s thesis or research paper.

Doctorate (Ph.D.):

The highest level of study, the doctoral degree follows the master’s degree and takes approximately four to five years to complete. Typically, the first two years are dedicated to courses relating directly to the subject, while one to two years are used to write the thesis.

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