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Rooms available !

Openings in many residences, including Brooks and Hyman Soloway apartment-style residences, and Friel (suites and studios).

Apply in the Housing Portal, via uoZone.

2nd year students and up

Available options:

Welcome exchange students !

As an exchange student, you can book a room at the Brooks Residence for a period of 4 or 8 months.

Returning to residence

You live in Brooks or Hyman Soloway, and wish to stay for another year?  Hurry up!  Apply in the Housing Portal, via uoZone.

Summer accommodation in apartment-style residence

Check the Student Housing Billboard to see what’s available for sublet in August and consult the Sublet page to know how to proceed.

Requests and documents

Cancel my room / Change my room / Return to residence / Sublet or Takeover


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