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We accept applications for the fall semester, and for the winter semester as well, from all full-time students (guaranteed housing or not).  

Living in Residence

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Check your e-mail account to know if you have been assigned a room. 

Getting ready for moving in:

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Apply for residence

Current year

We accept applications from all full-time students for the winter semester. Compare our residences and apply.

September 2016

New students

Residence is guaranteed to most first-year students. (All residences, except 45 Mann). Reserve a space

2nd year students and up 

Students living at the Brooks or Hyman Soloway residences can extend their stay for next year, or apply for 45 Mann.

Students living in a residence other than Brooks or Hyman Soloway, can apply for 45 Mann, take over a place, in May, at the Brook or Hyman-Soloway residences, or apply for place, without guarantee. 

Returning students not living in residence and those admitted in 2nd year and up are not guaranteed housing but are welcome to apply for any residence building, including 45 Mann. 

Requests and documents

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