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Use our online form for all translation, editing, proofreading or writing requests. Here are a few tips to help you fill the form.

Do not send job requests to the personal e-mail address of a Language Services member.
If that person is away, your request will go unnoticed. Use our central address:

New requests 

  • Fill out the request form and, in section 4, attach the documents to be processed.
  • You may submit several documents related to the same project in one request.
  • If you have multiple unrelated documents, please submit a separate request for each document by clicking on "submit" after completing each form. In this way, each request will be given a separate reference number, allowing us to better track your documents.
  • In section 5 of the form, attach supporting documentation such as material previously translated or edited by Language Services (LS). Include LS reference numbers for the supporting documents, if applicable. See also Updates to a document section, below.

Changes to an open request

To make a change to an open request (e.g. you are submitting a new version of a document currently with LS), please send an e-mail to Make sure you include the reference number of the corresponding open request.

Requests for writing

If your request involves writing (in which case you would not have a document to attach), be sure to tick off "No document to attach" in section 4. Select "Writing" as the service option (English or French) and enter "0" for the number of words.

Updates to a document

If you are submitting an updated version of a document to be edited or translated:

  • provide the reference number of the initial request if the work  was handled by Language Services,
  • attach the original document before changes were made (French and English versions, if applicable), and
  • indicate all changes to the document clearly with highlighting, bold font or using the track changes function.

Complex projects and special cases

If your project for Language Services is complex (e.g. involves lengthy or multiple documents, stretches over a long period of time), or if you have questions about the procedure for submitting your request, call Language Services at extension 5634. We will be pleased to guide you through the request process.

Copyrights, quotes and sources

Be aware of copyright issues and plagiarism.

If a part of your text is taken directly from an external source:

  • Confirm whether the material is protected by any copyrights or intellectual property rights.
  • When using protected material, obtain written permission from rights owners to reproduce and, if necessary, to translate the material. Provide a copy of this permission to Language Services with your request.

Online form

Please use our online form for all translation, editing, writing or proofreading requests. You may find it helpful to bookmark this link.

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