Spelling—Specific cases at uOttawa

This section proposes standard uOttawa spelling for words our clients ask us about most often. Again, for the most part, we follow what's used in the Canadian OxfordCanadian Press Caps and Spelling and TheCanadian Style.

"e" words (email, e-business, etc.)

Write email without a hyphen. However, other constructions retain the hyphen:

e-commerce, e-business, e-learning, etc.


Whenever possible, use the symbol (see also percent symbol under Style conventions). If, however, you must write out the word, spell it percent.


Write postsecondary as a single word without a hyphen.


When Web stands alone as the short form for World Wide Web, write Web with a capital W.

"web" words

As in the Canadian Oxford, use a lowercase both for single words (webcast, webinar, weblog, webmaster, website, etc.) and for split words (web page, web server, web conference).

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