Hyphenation in French street, building and place names, and in scholarship, bursary, award titles

In English, retain the hyphen for French-named campus streets and buildings:

  • Marie-Curie Street
  • Séraphin-Marion Street
  • Jean-Jacques-Lussier Street
  • Roger-Guindon Hall (Guindon Hall is also used)

Off-campus examples:

  • René-Levesque Blvd.
  • Sainte-Catherine Street
  • Mont-Laurier (the town)

Retain the hyphens in French-named bursaries and scholarships:

  • the Yvan-Lepage Memorial Scholarship
  • the Huguette-Labelle Scholarship Fund

For more information and additional examples of French names in English texts, see the section titled French in the Canadian Press Stylebook and Chapter 15 of The Canadian Style.

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