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Statement regarding the dismissal of Denis Rancourt

OTTAWA, April 6, 2009  —  On March 31, 2009, a recommendation for the dismissal of Denis Rancourt was tabled at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa and was unanimously approved.

Mr. Rancourt had been invited to participate in the meeting of the Executive Committee, where he would have been given every opportunity to set out his position. He chose not to attend.

Mr. Rancourt did purport to comply with a longstanding request to produce examination results and other grading materials. However, the materials supplied appear to be incomplete.

In arriving at its decision, the Executive Committee gave careful consideration to the record that was before it, which included a lengthy written submission from Mr. Rancourt. The Executive Committee satisfied itself that all procedures required by the collective agreement with the Association des Professeurs de l'Université d'Ottawa (APUO) in this matter had been properly followed.

As in most collective agreements, Mr. Rancourt can avail himself of the grievance procedures. If his grievances are not upheld, they can be referred to arbitration.

Since this case could eventually be heard in arbitration, the University of Ottawa will not be making further public comments.


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