Shipping and Receiving

TDG requires personnel who are preparing for shipment, shipping or receiving hazardous goods to be trained. Training certificates expire every three (3) years. In addition, persons shipping by Air require IATA training.

Personnel who do not possess a TDG certificate are not permitted to prepare, receive or sign shipping documents for dangerous goods.

Use the following chart as a guide for training requirements for shipments

1, 2, 3
1, 2
1, 2, 4
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 4
  1. Basic TDG Course for ground shipments (prerequisite for all other sessions)
  2. TDG/IATA for air shipments (prerequisite for infectious and radioactive materials classe goods)
  3. TDG for infectious goods (Class 6.2)
  4. TDG for Radioactive Materials (Class 7)


The University's TDG Shipping Declaration must be used when sending hazardous goods. A copy of the shipping declaration must be sent to ORM (ext 5892).

The Shipping Declaration form contains must be completed for transport and must generally include certain items. Note: there are additional requirements for certain Classes. Refer to your TDG training to correctly complete the form.



  • Verify that the package is not leaking or otherwise damaged. If there is leakage, contact your ORM representative who will contact the sender's emergency number. Never accept a damaged or leaking package.
  • Confirm that the packing slip matches the contents. If they do not match, the intended recipient of the package must confirm that the contents will not be accepted before returning the package to the supplier.
  • Sign the Sender's Shipping Declaration provided by the delivery company once the package is confirmed to be in good order. You must have a valid TDG certificate in order to sign. If the carrier does not provide a document to sign, you are not required to request one unless your Purchasing Department requires one. Keep a copy for your files as a Transport Canada inspector can request to view these documents
  • Store the package according to WHMIS requirements until the receiver picks up the package.

The University of Ottawa is registered with CANUTEC (A division of Transport Canada). They provide a telephone service to help with emergency response situations relating to TDG.

Contact CANUTEC 24 Hours/Day
Emergency: (613) 996-6666 (call collect) Cellular: * 666 (Canada only)
Information: (613) 992-4624 (call collect) Fax: (613) 954-5101



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