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Bureau de la gestion du risque, stage clinique
1216 - 1 rue Nicholas
Ottawa, Ontario
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1er sept au 31 mai
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Virus West Nile

Rapporter les oiseaux morts

The University of Ottawa occupies an area close to 1 km long and 400 m wide in the downtown area. Additional grounds are located at Roger Guindon Hall on Smyth road. Dead birds are occasionaly found on University grounds and should be reported by calling 2222. Personnel will be dispatched to pick up the bird.

  • do not touch or move the bird, and
  • the bird is not a hazard under normal circumstances.

The University will make arrangements to send the bird to the appropriate group for monitoring purposes.

Please visit the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Web sites for more information.


Health Canada's site has information on approved mosquito repellants.


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