Academic Sector Training Hub

The Academic Sector Training Hub offers training programs for new and current staff members working in the academic sector to help them consistently provide high-quality service to undergraduate students. These training programs enrich the experiences of both staff members and students.

Whether you are a newly hired academic assistant or academic advisor, or whether you just want to refresh your knowledge, the Hub is sure to meet your training and professional development needs.

Our approach

The Hub’s training programs focus on practical knowledge and seek to equip you with tools that will help you in your daily work at the University of Ottawa. You will meet colleagues who perform the same tasks that you do and with whom you will be able to share best practices.

We aim to offer training that is:

  • Useful and practical: Our training programs are designed to be practical and apply to your day-to-day work, and you should be able to begin applying what you have learned as soon as you finish your first day of training.
  • Focused on employee needs: Our training sessions are flexible and responsive: the training methods vary and are designed to easily adapt to the career issues that that you encounter in the academic sector.
  • Based on the idea of an enriching experience: You will be fully equipped to provide students with the best possible service, thereby improving your own professional experience and that of your customers.
  • Developed and approved by a network of experts: Our training is the product of exchanges of information and expertise between faculties and services. We have set up a network of experts from across the University who work together to create new training programs. When you take our training sessions with your academic sector colleagues, you create your own network of experts.
Training methods
  • Online learning: Training is provided entirely on line through BlackBoard Learn
  • Traditional teaching: Training is provided in person in workshops, small groups or individually.
  • Blended learning: Training is provided both on line and in person (i.e., a combination of online learning and traditional training methods).
Training sessions

Kickstart Program (blended learning method)

The Kickstart Program is intended for front-line academic staff members to take as soon as they are hired. This program will equip you with the information you need to perform your day-to-day tasks and the support you need to correctly answer the various questions asked by undergraduate students. Once you have completed this program, you will work in partnership with the Hub and your supervisor to continue your professional development.  

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Student Recruitment (traditional teaching method)

In partnership with the Liaison Office, the Student Recruitment training program prepares you to fully participate in all undergraduate recruiting activities. The program outlines all of the University of Ottawa's major attractions in detail so that you can enrich your interactions with future students and their parents. The program also covers the University's current recruiting markets so that you can better understand their demographic differences and the impact this may have on recruiting. Finally, the program will describe the student decision process so that you become aware of where students may be in this process and how to tailor your interactions accordingly.

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Answering Questions by Asking Questions (traditional teaching method)

To provide quality service, it is essential that you thoroughly understand student needs and sometimes go beyond the questions they ask. This workshop is especially designed to improve your interactions with undergraduate students and to improve your understanding of the role that questions play in a good-quality exchange. The workshop will present the principles of communication and the factors that affect it. By participating in dynamic and interactive activities, you will explore various types of questions, learn when to ask them, and know how to tailor them to suit your purposes.

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Disabilities and Accessibility (traditional teaching method)

Students face many obstacles on campus and academic staff members need to know how these obstacles can be overcome. The Disabilities and Accessibility workshop will allow you to better understand student disabilities, the adaptive measures that they may need, and best practices for accessibility. This workshop will also cover the various services available and how they affect campus accessibility.

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Training being developed

Our experts are constantly developing new training programs to meet the needs of academic staff members. Here is a brief look at some of the training programs we are currently working on. Contact us if you are interested in any of these training programs.


Our team is currently working on a training program for Talisma, our customer relationship management software. A more detailed description of this training program will soon be available.

SIS Room Reservations

The workshop on SIS Room Reservations will teach you how to use the SIS to make special reservations. You will learn how to check the availability of rooms given various criteria. At the end of this workshop, you will know how to make, change or cancel a room reservation. You will also be able to decode the messages generated when you request a room reservation and know how to check the status of a request to ensure proper follow up.

Find us in Tabaret Hall

The Academic Sector Training Hub is located on level 0 of Tabaret Hall, next to the employee lunch room. Some training sessions take place in the Hub’s offices. Feel free to drop by!

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