Admission for uOttawa students

If you expect to graduate soon — or have recently graduated — from the University of Ottawa and would like to complete an additional undergraduate degree, follow these steps to apply for admission.


If you were required to withdraw from your faculty and have since met the upgrading requirements, this process applies to you as well.

1 – Get ready

  • Check the deadlines and available programs for your desired term.
  • Check the admission requirements for the program(s) you’re interested in, as well as the prerequisite courses you must have passed in high school. The college or university equivalents of these courses can also count as prerequisites.
  • If you were required to improve your academic standing after being withdrawn from your faculty, make sure you have met the upgrading requirements.

2 – Apply and submit your documents before the deadline

InformationWe reserve the right to stop accepting applications any time before the deadline if places have filled up in a program. Fees are required for all applications. 

3 – Keep informed and wait for a decision

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email within one week of receiving your application.
  • Track your application by checking your admission file in uoZone and seeing if there are requirements you must meet, for example, submitting documents or exam results.
  • We will assess your application for admission when we have received all required documents and your payment.
  • We will contact you by email to let you know a decision has been made. You will need to log into your admission file in uoZone to find out the details.
InformationNot checking your admission file, personal or @uOttawa email is not considered justification for the University to re-open your admission application or offer of admission file once it has been cancelled or closed.
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