The calendars are the official source of information on undergraduate programs and courses offered at the University of Ottawa. They show you the basic structure of each program, including the number of units (credits) needed to graduate, the compulsory and optional courses as well as course prerequisites and descriptions. You can also see which programs offer the possibility of CO-OP and French immersion.

To find out the order in which courses should be taken in any given program, please see the Course sequences on the course enrolment website.

InformationPrograms are offered in English and in French. Some courses are not offered each year. Students should consult with their Undergraduate Studies Office in order to plan their course sequence.

The information on this site is updated every March.

Program of study 2016-2017

Courses offered at the University of Ottawa

Archived calendars

Check our archived calendars for more information on the program structures, course descriptions and prerequisites that were in effect during the following academic years.

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