Operation identification involves the marking of items of value with a special identification number, preferably your driver's license number.

How does operation identification work?

We use an engraver in order to mark your items and an inventory sheet is completed (serial number, make, model, size, etc.) and given back to you so you can store it in a safe place.

Items that should be engraved are calculators, personal computers, televisions, VCR's, cellular phones, bicycles, CD players, palm pilots, stereos, etc.

Burglars or thieves will be deterred from taking property that has been engraved or marked because it is harder to sell thus is a less attractive target.

When reporting the stolen property to the Police, mention the information you have i.e. serial number, etc. so if the Police finds your property, it will be easier for them to identify it and return it to you.

You can bring the valuables you wish to identify (calculator, laptop, bicycle, etc.) to the Community Protection Office located at the Unicentre, room 02A (by the University Bookstore). A team of volunteers will mark them and fill the inventory sheet for you. 
This service is free of charge!