Need an Expert? Qatar World Cup

Need an expert
FIFA World Cup trophy
Rhett Lewis (Unsplash)
Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Director, Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC); and Neuberger-Jesin Professor of International Conflict Resolution, Faculty of Law.

[email protected]

Professor Packer can comment on general human rights issues in Qatar, including international labour law, the problem of host country’s discriminatory laws – such as anti-LGBTQI. He can also discuss the comparative experience of global “events” and the persistent history of human rights violations, from Olympic Games to world exhibitions and mass sports championships like the World Cup

Professor, Faculty of Education

[email protected]

Professor Bergeron recently published an article in The Conversation titled: There will be limits to any boycott of the World Cup, but Qatar won't emerge unscathed.

He is available to "dissect the scandals that have shaken the world of sport, associations and politics since Qatar won the right to host, and the limits of the calls for boycott that have been heard since."