In the fall of 2023, one-to-one and group chats on Microsoft Teams will be deleted after 150 days.

Information Technology
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Chat information will soon be kept for only 150 days

By their very nature, chats are a communication channel for transitory messages. They speed things up and allow for an efficient flow of information such as quick questions. It definitely is a favorite among the University community! 

With the thousands of conversations that go on daily in Microsoft Chat within Teams, it becomes harder to find important documents or vital pieces of information that go beyond brief touchpoints and minor inquiries. To keep things manageable, chat conversations in Teams will have a threshold set on how long they are kept. 

In the fall of 2023, one-to-one and group chats will be deleted after 150 days, except for links and files shared during conversations. These will remain in the OneDrive of the original sender under the folder Microsoft Teams Chat Files.  

Information management is important to structure in any efficient organization. This initiative is one of the foundational pieces that will enable a more productive work environment. Stay tuned for more information.