Get to know Mehdi Alami Laaroussi

Information Technology
Support staff
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Get to know Mehdi.

What was your last career change?  

Changing continents which implied a career change as well, it was 3 years ago, I was fortunate to work in my field 6 months after my landing. 

What made it successful? 

Capitalizing on my acquired skills and experience outside Canada and be able to make them transferable to the new paradigm: A new work culture and mindset in a different country. Since I started at uOttawa at the IT department in uOttawa, I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded and supported by an incredible team and management, and that, will tremendously help me being successful in my actual role at uOttawa.  

What was the biggest challenge in adapting to your new role? 

I don’t see it as a challenge, rather an opportunity to do great things and perform at my job.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career change? 

Embrace the change and manage it well!