Get to know Sandra Bellini

Information Technology
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Get to know Sandra Bellini

What was your last career change?  

In January 2023, I left uOttawa Student Affairs Communications team to join the Information Technology Communications and Change Management team. 

What made it successful? 

The welcoming team and colleagues, as well as the collaborative environment.  

What was the biggest challenge in adapting to your new role? 

A career change requires an adaptation period for information processing and new methods to be practiced.  I am learning to show myself compassion and patience while I shift my strategic thinking mind towards an internal audience and fully immerse in this incredible experience to learn from my new colleagues. 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career change? 

Do it! This type of change brings a wealth of learning opportunities for both personal and professional growth. I believe every uOttawa staff member would benefit from working or spending time in a different service and in a faculty to gain University perspective and ultimately optimize the student’s experience.   

What three items would you bring if you were shipped to a deserted island? 

  • A book because I would not survive without words  

  • A tube of SPF sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun rays 

  • A pencil to journal