Winter is here!

OLBI hopes that you will make the most of the season by enjoying winter sports or other outdoor activities with your loved ones, or spending quality time cuddling up with a good book or TV series!

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Fostering bi/plurilingualism in children: An overview of key questions and best practices:Presentation on practices that foster language development in children enrolled in bi/plurilingual educational systems

OLBI Director and Associate Dean Jérémie Séror will present key concepts of bi/plurilingual education in a presentation to two Franco-American schools (Puget Sound School in Seattle and L’École de San Diego).

He will address frequently asked questions and speak to the daily practices parents can adopt to support their children in learning several languages. His lecture will also discuss the advantages and challenges of bi/plurilingualism in our interconnected, modern world, as well as strategies that build a child’s ability to benefit from this advantage.

Photo: Jérémie Séror, OLBI Director and Associate Dean
Photo: Jérémie Séror, OLBI Director and Associate Dean

Improve your French or English language skills during the 2022 winter term

Start 2022 on the right foot and make this the year you improve your language skills! OLBI is pleased to offer free French or English language courses to uOttawa support staff and teaching staff. This online training is often open to family members as well. After taking a language placement test, check out the winter 2022 course schedule. Then fill out the online form before January 27 to register for an OLBI language course!

In addition, OLBI offers free online second language courses specifically designed for professors who are APUO or APTPUO members. French as a Second Language (FLS) courses offered this winter term include: Publier en français and Communiquer et partager en français langue seconde. Don’t delay: fill out the Second Language course application form for professors before January 27 to reserve your spot!

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Notice of appointment | Director, Marketing and Development

OLBI is proud to announce Ms. Sylvie Albert’s nomination as new Director of Marketing and Development, who began her duties on January 17. As an experienced project manager, Ms. Albert has spent the past decade in uOttawa’s International Office, where she worked on international partnership development and student recruitment. She has also worked for the Centre for Research on French Canadian Civilization and with research chairs on Canadian Francophonie.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Spanish from uOttawa and is currently pursuing a certification in University Teaching. Ms. Albert wishes to continue expanding the reputation of OLBI, both locally and internationally. You can contact her at this email. Join us in welcoming her to OLBI

Photo: Sylvie Albert, Director of Marketing and Development
Photo: Sylvie Albert, Director of Marketing and Development

Notice of appointment | OLBI Language Support Services for Professors

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Bianca Jeanveaux, formerly an Academic Officer for the Immersion Stream and Language Support Services, has been promoted to Program Manager, Language Support Services for Professors. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching French as a Second Language from OLBI, Ms. Jeanveaux is currently enrolled in the Master’s in Education at uOttawa.

She will draw from the knowledge she acquired in teaching Canadian Forces and public service employees to increase the services aimed at all staff members. In addition, she aims to increase the visibility of this unit. Contact Bianca Jeanveaux at this email. We wish her much success in her new position!

Photo: Bianca Jeanveaux, Program Manager
Photo: Bianca Jeanveaux, Program Manager