Fall 2021 | Launch of English language support courses

The University of Ottawa is proud to announce the launch of an English language immersion support course pilot project. For many University of Ottawa students, improving their English language skills is an important goal in terms of their academic and professional success. These courses are meant for allophones enrolled in English-language programs as well as francophones from Quebec or abroad.

OLBI and the French Immersion Stream have developed exceptional expertise in helping such students improve their English while studying at university. The immersion course format is the same as for French immersion: a content course in the immersion language matched with a language support course. Learn more about OLBI English language support courses.

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SSHRC offers major grant to study learning through linguistic risk taking

Our warmest congratulations to Nikolay Slavkov, OLBI Professor and Director of the Canadian Centre for Studies and Research on Bilingualism and Language Planning (CCERBAL), on receiving a $274,000 grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

His research project is based on the Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative, an innovative research program and teaching approach developed at the University of Ottawa. A mobile app linguistic risk-taking passport will be a key project element. The app contains a bank of over 80 “risks” that allows learners to improve in various skills. It will serve as a research tool generating quantitative and qualitative data to show how linguistic risk taking can facilitate language learning.

This project features major theoretical, pedagogical and digital innovations that will influence language teaching in university and work settings as well as policy in this area. Jérémie Séror, Monika Jezak, Sylvie A. Lamoureux, Margret Norenberg, Martine Rhéaume (all from uOttawa) and Nina Kazanina (University of Bristol) are also collaborating on this project.

Photo: Nikolay Slavkov
Photo: Nikolay Slavkov

Preparing for back to school: OLBI’s meeting students

This summer, OLBI Meetups are back! These virtual meetups are led by professors, staff, and students. Students enrolled in OLBI courses and programs can get information and advice to prepare for the start of classes. The goal is to welcome new students, but also to reach out to returning students.

Many topics will be presented, including distance learning, academic paths, course and program selection, and involvement in student life. We invite those interested to register for the Meetups, based on their preferences and availability. Learn more about OLBI Meetups and spread the word!

Photo: Professor Catherine Buchanan
Photo: Professor Catherine Buchanan

Julien Couture Centre Documentalist publishes chapter in Language Center Handbook 2021

Congratulations to Paco Lalovic, Julien Couture Resource Centre Documentalist, on the publication of his chapter, “Officially Bilingual: The University of Ottawa Experience,” in the Language Center Handbook 2021! The book covers many aspects of language centres, including origins and basic principles, design and redesign, and technologies. It’s an invaluable resource that language centre staff can use to re-think tools and services.

Edited by Elizabeth Lavolette and Angelika Kraemer, the book is the latest work published by the International Association for Language Learning Technology. Download the Language Centre Handbook table of contentsPurchase the Language Center Handbook 2021.

Photo: Paco Lalovic
Photo: Paco Lalovic

Dictionnaire des francophones available online

Discover the Dictionnaire des francophones, a web-based tool for exploring the richness and diversity of the French language around the world. This constantly evolving collaborative work includes over 500,000 French terms and expressions. It’s the fruit of a partnership between France’s ministries of culture and of foreign affairs and Europe, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie. It was produced by France’s Institut international pour la francophonie (2IF) at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. View the free Dictionnaire des francophones.

Dictionnaire des francophones