Graduate Program Requirements

All graduate degree and graduate diploma students must complete the Senate-approved program requirements that apply at the time of their admission into their program.

2.2. Curriculum

2.2.1 Graduate-level courses

In order for a student to obtain a graduate degree or diploma, at least two-thirds of the courses taken must be graduate-level courses as defined by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance. 

2.2.2 Thesis and major research paper

The thesis or major research paper must be prepared and written under the supervision of an institutionally-approved faculty member. 

2.2.3 Additional courses

Graduate students may enrol in courses additional to those required by, or forming part of, their program of study, provided they obtain prior approval from their academic unit.

When granting such approval, the academic unit shall determine whether the additional courses will be recognized as part of the student’s program. Failure of any course so recognized shall count as a course failure in the program. 

2.3 Registration, equivalencies and transfer of course units

2.3.1 General registration requirement

To qualify for a graduate degree or diploma, students must complete the majority of their program’s requirements while enrolled at the University of Ottawa or at Saint Paul University. 

2.3.2 Transfers from other universities (equivalencies)

Unless otherwise stated in a specific program’s own regulations, admissions committees may grant equivalencies for up to 50% of the program’s requirements. In the case of transfers at the doctoral level, the comprehensive examination (if required by the program) and the thesis must be completed while enrolled in the program at the University of Ottawa or at Saint Paul University. 

2.3.3 Transfer of University course units (retained course units)

Unless otherwise stated in a program’s own regulations, students who have completed graduate-level courses at the University of Ottawa, either as special students or as students enrolled in extra courses not recognized as part of their program, may, upon subsequent admission to a graduate program at the University, have a maximum of six course units transferred in partial satisfaction of the graduate program’s requirements. 

2.3.4 Transfer of course units from a previously awarded graduate degree

Students who already hold a graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) may, upon being admitted to another master’s or doctoral program, be granted equivalencies for courses completed during their earlier graduate degree. To be eligible, courses must:

  1. be deemed relevant by the program admissions committee;
  2. have been successfully completed with a grade of at least 70 per cent (B);
  3. have been completed within eight years of admission to the latest graduate program; and
  4. be at the same level (master’s or doctoral) as the program to which the student seeks admission.

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant program’s own regulations, the number of course units that can be so transferred may not exceed 25% of the course units required by the program to which the student seeks admission.