Use of University Services and Facilities

Date effective: 1995-03-29

Authorized by: Vice-Rector, Resources



1. This procedure describes the provisions governing the reservations and the use of services and facilities at the University.

2. The Reservations and Conventions Service (Materials Management Services) is responsible for co-ordinating and processing requests for the use of on-campus services and facilities by internal or external users, in a way that ensures that a) the best and widest possible use of these facilities and b) essential "one-stop-shop" for clients.

3. The Reservations and Conventions Service provides the following: 

  • reservations of classrooms for non-academic activities 
  • reservations of lounges and council rooms 
  • summer accommodation 
  • technical services 
  • food services 
  • bar services 
  • audio-visual services for non-academic activities 
  • additional security services 
  • conference co-ordination or management services 
  • reservation of information or sales booths.

4. This procedure should be applied in conjunction with Policy 28.


5. Users are grouped into three categories: 

  • a) Institutional Groups and Internal Activities

    This category is made up of faculties, services, centres, faculty associations and student associations who use the facilities for university-related activities (teaching, administration, training and development, activities involving a faculty discipline). Internal users organize and supervise these activities. 

  • b) Sponsored Groups and Activities

    This category groups all external users sponsored by either a dean or a service director. Sponsorship depends on the type of activity, on the overall level of participation, on the level of participation among University community members (support staff, academic staff, students) and on whether participants must pay a registration or admission fee. The type of facility requested also affects the sponsorship application. This category also includes support staff and teaching staff who use the facilities and services for personal, not-for-profit activities. All sponsored activities must adhere to the University of Ottawa's mission statement. 

  • c) External Groups and Activities

    This category groups all users from outside the University: students, support staff and teaching staff who use the facilities and services for personal, profit or not-for-profit activities that must not necessarily adhere to the University's mission statement, but must in no way damage the University's reputation.


6. Reservation requests must reach the Reservations and Conventions Service at least five working days and less than three months before the scheduled event. Requesters can submit their application in writing, by fax (562-5157), by phone (562-5771), or they can apply in person at the Reservations and Conventions Service (85 University, Room 339).

7. The Reservations and Conventions Service completes the reservation confirmation form. When fees are required, users must sign the reservation confirmation as well as the applicable conditions at least two working days before the event. Clients who do not meet these conditions will have their reservation cancelled without notice. Where applicable, the reservation confirmation must also be signed by the executive assistant or by the administrative officer concerned.

8. Cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions accompanying the reservation confirmation.

9. The Reservations and Conventions Service must establish a weekly calendar of reservations, which it must distribute to the following sectors: 

  • Public Relations and Information Services 
  • Protection Services 
  • Housekeeping Sector, Physical Resources Service 
  • Scheduling Office, Office of the Registrar 
  • Power Plant, Physical Resources Service 
  • other departments concerned, as dictated by the application.

10. Based on the information received in the reservations calendar, the Protection Services must open and lock the doors of the appropriate rooms in question. The Physical Resources Service must insure that the rooms are cleaned.


11. Rental rates for University of Ottawa rooms and services and co-ordination fees are established each year by Materials Management Services and are approved by the Administrative Committee. Appendices A, B and C of Policy 28 list all of these rates.

12. Rental rates for institutional groups and internal activities described in paragraph 5 a) are listed in Appendix A of Policy 28.

13. Rates for sponsored groups and activities as described in paragraph 5 b) are listed in Appendix B of Policy 28. Sponsors are responsible for sponsored activities. The group sponsoring the activity must submit budget information to the Reservations and Conventions Service.

14. Fees for external users described in paragraph 5 c) are listed in Appendix C of Policy 28.

15. Co-ordination fees are added to all rental and service charges for external users or sponsored groups.

16. The rates listed in appendices A, B and C of Policy 28 apply only to room reservations. All other services are billed according to the rates in effect when the activity contract is negotiated.


17. Reservations and Conventions Service is responsible for billing users and for collecting all reservation fees and other charges related to the activity. However, at no time can it be held responsible for uncollectable accounts resulting from a sponsored or internal activity. Loss of revenue due to uncollectable external accounts must be assumed by the faculties and services concerned, which usually collect these revenues.

18. Fees are payable as soon as the invoice is received. The Reservations and Conventions Service may require full or partial payment of the estimated cost before the event takes place. If the customer does not meet this requirement, his or her reservation may be cancelled without further notice.

19. Payment for a reservation may be made in cash, by cheque, by money order or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Cheques or money orders must be made out to the University of Ottawa and submitted to the Reservations and Conventions Service.

20. For internal and sponsored transactions, recovery fees are charged by Materials Management Services. When customers apply for a reservation, units are responsible for providing the Reservations and Conventions Service with their budget code and their cost centre.


21. Revenues generated by the rental of rooms or services are credited to the faculty or service responsible for the room or services concerned. Revenues generated through general-purpose rooms are credited to the central budget of the University.


22. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only if arrangements have been made beforehand with the Reservations and Conventions Service (Materials Management Services), in compliance with Liquor Licence Board of Ontario regulations and University of Ottawa policies and procedures. (N.B. This policy does not apply to the Equinox bar.)


23. All food services in Jock Turcot Hall must come from the University's official supplier.


24. Event organizers and sponsors are responsible for any damage caused to University property as a result of their activity.

25. Organizers must produce the property and liability insurance policies required by the University, according to Policy 25 "Insurance Responsibilities" and Procedure 4-7 "Claims Files with the University's Insurance Brokers".

26. The Reservations and Conventions Service must request and keep on file all compulsory proofs of insurance for internal and sponsored activities.

27. The University is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or for injuries that participants may sustain during an activity.


28. During their inspections, protection officers must visit campus locations in which receptions or meetings are taking place. They must ensure that municipal, provincial and federal laws are observed when these receptions or meetings involve alcool consumption.

29. The Reservations and Conventions Service is responsible for establishing the need for additional security, based on the nature and scope of the event.


30. There can be no exception to this procedure without the written approval of the Vice-Rector, Resources.

Published March 29, 1995

(Materials Management Services)