Associate Vice-President, Student Services

Michel Guilbeault

Michel Guilbeault was appointed Associate Vice-President, Student Services on February 1, 2016.


With more than 20 years managing and leading teams and projects in both the private and public sectors, Michel Guilbeault joined the University of Ottawa in 2012 as the director of the Housing Service. His governance experience includes work in municipal government and the academic milieu. During his time with the Housing Service, he gained extensive knowledge of the Student Services sector.


The Associate Vice-President, Student Services provides strategic direction to the following University services: the Community Life Service, Food Services, the Conventions and Reservations Service, the uOttawa Card Service,  Health Services, the Housing Service, Sports Services and the University of Ottawa Bookstore.

As Associate Vice-President, Student Services, Mr. Guilbeault focuses on both the academic and non-academic aspects of students' time at University.  He develops and implements strategies aimed at providing a rich and inspiring student experience and is also responsible for measuring student satisfaction, performance management and risk management. He implements strategies to ensure the long-term financial viability of University services and related initiatives. 


Student Services offers students dynamic programs and services in an environment that fosters their personal, intellectual, professional and social growth. By actively encouraging students to be engaged, Student Services helps them build their future and prepares them to become productive citizens of their communities and of the world. To do this, we provide students with modern facilities that meet their needs and those of the University community.

We feel that it is important that all students be proud of their experience at the University of Ottawa and satisfied with the services they receive. Our welcoming, friendly and efficient Student Services team is committed to providing the University community, and students in particular, with high-quality services that are tailored to individual needs.

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