Creating a Research Team: How to Build an Infrastructure and Winning Team

This workshop will be run as a "mentoring café". After a short panel introduction, we will hold 2 rounds of breakout room of 30 minutes during which the participants will be able to discuss with 2 or 3 panelists. We will close the workshop with a plenary to share the best strategies on creating a research team - how to build an infrastructure and winning team.

* Please note that this workshop will be run in a bilingual format - participants and panelists will interact in the language of their choice, French or English. 

Although everyone is welcome to participate, new and junior faculty members are those who will benefit the most.

One week before the workshop, we will survey those registered for the topics of interest linked to creating a research team, such as:

  • having one core research group
  • being part of multiple research teams
  • manage large group within university
  • practical challenges
  • how to recruit students
  • multidisciplinary teams
  • issues relating to little access to PhD students
  • how to build physical lab (sources of funding)
  • how to run lab meetings
  • manage students
  • manage collaborators

Our panel of experts:



Date and Location

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