Repository of Letters for Students

We have collected support letters for students for application to graduate school, scholarships and employment. Here is part of an admission reference letter:

It is with great pleasure that I support NAME’s application to the doctoral program in FIELD at York University. I first met NAME when I taught her in ABC 1234 COURSE NAME in the TERM YEAR. She was an engaged and disciplined student, with a perfect attendance and weekly reading assignment record and strong critical analysis and writing skills which led to a final grade of RESULT (RESULT%). I then served as the external evaluator of her 4th year research project (ABC 5678) on TOPIC, completed under the supervision of my colleague Professor NAME.

Her performance in ABC 1234 and in ABC 5678 convinced me to take her on as a graduate student despite her lower academic results in her first two years of undergraduate studies...

If you would like access to these anonymized examples or would like to share the letters you have written with colleagues, please let us know.

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