For Academic Leaders

It seems to be often assumed that if you are an effective faculty member, then you are bound to be a good academic leader. However, effective leadership requires different competencies.

As a program director, department chair or vice-dean, you play a critical leadership role and carry significant influence at the University of Ottawa. You serve as the link between students, faculty and the dean. You can identify needs, detect potential problems and discover opportunities for your unit, your faculty and the entire institution. In the process, you can weigh-in on the orientation of objectives and programs for the collective good. And of course, you contribute to the smooth day-to-day operation of the program, the department, or the faculty and the University. You are one of uOttawa's greatest assets.

Being an academic leader also brings many challenges. To help you make the most of the position, the Centre for Academic Leadership offers workshops and services specially designed to prepare you for and to support you in your academic management role.

If you are a Department Chair, we invite you to consult the Guide for Department Chairs which we have developed jointly with the APUO. We have included essential information as well as valuable tips and advice for you. Browse through it now.   

Workshops for academic leaders

Multiple workshops are on offer for faculty leaders who would like to develop or sharpen their competencies.

Services for academic leaders

Books on Academic Leadership

The Centre has a small library of books and articles on leadership as well as a multiple books on issues related to these leadership positions, e.g. conflict management, communication, and time management (see Books to borrow).


The mentoring Program at the Centre for Academic Leadership matches you with a mentor on campus, someone who is or has been in a leadership role and well-acquainted with the university structure. Mentors provide you with support, information and advice, while sharing their professional and personal skills and experiences.

360° Feedback

The 360° Feedback approach provides excellent insight into your strengths and weaknesses and can help you design a thorough professional development plan. To make sure you draw the greatest possible benefit from the 360° feedback exercise, we offer one-on-one coaching with the best industrial psychologists in Canada.

This learning opportunity, administered for the University by an industrial psychologists firm, asks the academic leader to identify some people from his work environment (supervisors, colleagues and subordinates) who will be asked to rate the leader on a series of abilities. A consultant psychologist will then meet with the leader and present the results, providing constructive clarification and reframing, focusing on the generation of development action plans.


The Centre for Academic Leadership offers a combined executive coaching and training program for senior University of Ottawa academic administrators as part of its leadership development efforts.

In coaching, academic leaders have the opportunity to work with a professional coach in private or semi-private sessions.   Professional coaches help academic leaders develop their strengths and abilities, while minimising their weaknesses and by focusing on their objectives. Academic leaders will be able to identify and discuss specific challenges and obstacles they face in their environment.  They will also have the opportunity to develop action plans, improve their work relations and find balance between achievement and personal growth.

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