Being a leader and a researcher

Are you in an admin role or thinking about taking one that could eat up your research time if you are not careful? This workshop is for you!

Experienced colleagues will share their wisdom (tips and traps to avoid) and how they managed, some better than others, to keep their research active during a leadership mandate.

This workshop will be run as a "mentoring café". After a short panel introduction, we will hold 2 rounds of breakout room during which the participants will be able to discuss with 2 or 3 panelists. We will close the workshop with a plenary to share the best strategies to make sure you don't leave your research behind when you take up an admin role.

Our panel:

  • Gary Slater (Science) 
  • Ioan Nistor (Engineering) 
  • Sylvie Frigon (Social Science) 
  • Alain St-Amant (Science)
  • Jenepher Lennox-Terrion (Arts)
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