Mini-Writing Retreats

Not business as usual - but you can still write in the company of others!

Rather than joining colleagues at 30 Stewart, you write in the comfort of your home. You still reserve the three days of the mini-writing retreat in your calendar and, every day, we meet over lunch for 45 minutes to share objectives and celebrate the progress made. The magic of Writing in the company of others is still possible!


Business as usual which is not happening this term:

A writing room at 30 Stewart will be your “office” for 3 consecutive days during reading week.  You will have a writing space and we will “look after you” (lunch and drinks are available). 

You must attend the 3 days, from 9AM to 3.30PM (minimum). 
The room will be open from 7:30AM to 6PM.  

When you register, remember to block your diary and do not accept any other appointments (professional or personal). Give yourself this time without interruption to dedicate to writing, reading and planning your research. 

The mini-retreat starts with a brief session of introduction for all participants to describe their research very briefly and share their objectives for the 3-day retreat.  Every day, during a 45-minute break for lunch, the participants will have an opportunity to share their progress on their objectives.


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Inspired by Barbara Grant’s article "Writing in the company of women: exceeding the boundaries" (2006, Studies in Higher Education), the Centre for Academic Leadership offers writing opportunities for the University of Ottawa’s professors since October 2010.



This workshop will be facilitated by

Françoise Moreau-Johnson

Centre for Academic Leadership


  • "I was able to complete a time consuming task without interruption, and dive into data that has been languishing unanalysed."
  • "Yes, it gives time, space, and permission for me to focus on my writing. Provides resources on my productivity and organization and sustenance! "
  • "It helps me to organize my work and focus on it during the retreat time. It is also easier to get back to one’s writing project the following day. One can accomplish in 3 days what would have taken perhaps weeks."
  • "I will keep signing up for every writing retreat because I feel so much more supported when writing in the company of others who are doing the same."
  • « J’ai retrouvé le gout et l’inspiration et la motivation de faire avancer mes projets de publication, voire de les pousser par rapport à mes autres tâches.»
  • « Être ici m’aide à rester 100% concentrée sur mes objectifs d’écriture. Chez moi ou au bureau je suis trop facilement distraite par les autres tâches qui m’incombent.»
  • «Avoir du temps pour réfléchir et écrire m’a permis de terminer un article qui est prêt à être envoyé à une revue scientifique.»
  • « Cela m’a forcé à me concentrer pour terminer mn article, sinon, j’aurais été distraite par mes autres tâches et responsabilités. »
  • "It was committing to put in the time on my project.  I didn't have an excuse to do something else." 
  • « L'aide à formuler des objectifs SMART et l'effet reddition de comptes fonctionnent très bien. »
  • « En me fixant des objectifs quotidiens, en bloquant des périodes de temps sans me faire distraire par les autres tâches. »

Dates and Location


Oct 26-28 2021 Fall

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*




Feb 22-24 2022 Winter

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*


Notification of Future Dates

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Target audience

All full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track) at the University of Ottawa.

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