Planning your semester



Setting a plan for the semester is never an easy task for faculty – there are so many projects to work on. Semester writing has many challenges, but there are a few key planning elements that can lead to a very successful, productive and rewarding trimester. During this session, you will start building your plan which you will later be able to finalise with concrete tools. And here is our promise: your plan will include breaks to recharge your batteries!

This workshop is also offered at the end of the academic year to help you plan your summer.


This workshop will be facilitated by

Jean Quirion

Professor; School of Translation and Interpretation

Associate Vice-Dean, Digital Learning; Faculty of Arts

Date and Location

Sept 3 2021 9:30 - 11:30am EN
Jan 7 2022 9:30 - 11:30am EN
2 sept 2021 9h30 - 11h30 FR
6 jan 2022 9h30 - 11h30 FR

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*


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Planning Your Summer

Apr 29 2022 9:30 - 11:30am EN
28 avr 2022 9h30 - 11h30 FR


Je veux m'inscrire!

Notification of Future Dates

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Target Audience

All University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track).

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