Training/Information Session for TPC members

Training/Information Session for the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee


The objective of this session is to emphasize the links between the collective agreement and the review process of dossiers, mainly, those for promotion or tenure, but also those for contract renewal and academic leave. The session will focus on the role and the responsibilities of the TPC as well as highlight concrete means to help members of the TPC meet their responsibilities.

Date and Location

Sept 1 2021 1:30-3:30pm EN
Sept 10 2021 9:30-11:30am EN
Sept 30 2021 9:30-11:30am EN
1 sept 2021 9h30-11h30 FR
10 sept 2021 13h30-15h30 FR

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*

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Target audience

Reserved exclusively to members of a Teaching Personnel Committee either at the level of the faculty (FTPC) or the academic unit (DTPC / STPC / ITPC) at the University of Ottawa.

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