Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts is the ideal place for those who seek to stand out in our ever-changing world. By studying in one of our many programs, you will develop skills and abilities highly valued by employers. In fact, our graduates are known for their versatility, creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and ability to analyze complex situations. Not only do they perform well in terms of employability and income, but their dynamism shines through, whether as entrepreneurs or in organizations and businesses worldwide.

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Arts is a place of passion, fascinating discoveries and inspiring encounters. Collectively, our professors and researchers form a network of experts in fields that touch on the very foundations of humanity: language and communication, artistic and literary expression, the growth of civilizations, the underpinnings of societies, the relationship between people and the environment, humankind’s adaptation to climate change, belief systems, strategic thinking and civic responsibility. The content of this knowledge is fundamentally important to creating an innovative and sustainable future, and by examining various aspects of our humanity, you will develop both expertise and skills that will be useful throughout your life.

You can also add to your wealth of knowledge through stimulating CO-OP experiences, our many language courses, stays abroad or community service learning, and thus hold the keys to your success!

Kevin Kee